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Can Toddlers Sway the Abortion Conversation?

Trotting Out Toddlers

In this article, founder and president of Life Training Institute Scott Klusendorf offers a great strategy for defending the pro-life position. Klusendorf highlights many of the central claims made by pro-choice advocates and how we can respond. One of the most effective strategies he discusses involves a comparison to a toddler. Many people claim that women should have the right to make decisions for themselves. So, Klusendorf points out, should we allow women to kill… Read More →Can Toddlers Sway the Abortion Conversation?

Video: What is the biggest challenge for the pro-life movement?

Pro-Life Challenges

What is the biggest challenge for the pro-life movement? “The biggest challenge the pro-life movement faces right now is messaging.” — Scott Klusendorf, President, Life Training Institute Despite the simplicity of the pro-life message, it has been difficult to communicate one clear picture of what pro-life means. Scott Klusendorf explains why this has been the case and what pro-lifers can do to communicate more clearly. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to… Read More →Video: What is the biggest challenge for the pro-life movement?

John Stonestreet on Supreme Court appointee

Over at BreakPoint our friend and Summit faculty member, John Stonestreet, weighed in today on the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and addressed several important worldview concerns, including legal philosophy, the rule of law, the sanctity and dignity of human life, euthanasia, religious liberty, and abortion, all topics on which Judge Gorsuch appears to hold conservative views. Obviously, from a Christian worldview perspective, the makeup of the Supreme Court and who… Read More →John Stonestreet on Supreme Court appointee

Leaders Are Readers: Dr. Mike Adams Shares His Must-Read Book List

Mike Adams' Must Read Book List

Summit’s founder, Dr. David Noebel, would often say that “leaders are readers.” His call to read is something we take seriously around Summit. In the Spring Journal issue, we highlighted an interview with Dr. Mike Adams recorded for the Christian Worldview Thinking podcast last July. In it, Dr. Adams shares his must-read book list, and his testimony in the process. 

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China’s Two-Child Policy

Chinese Flag

On Oct. 29th, China’s Communist Party announced the end of its infamous 35-year one-child policy. All Chinese couples will now be permit a second child. But while the abolition of the one-child policy may seem like a human rights victory, activists are far from satisfied. Though lessening the death toll, it’s unlikely the institution of a new two-child policy will eliminate the real problem: a culture that doesn’t value life. 

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Wilberforce: ‘Take Those Handkerchiefs Away’

Portrait of William Wilberforce

The most recent two undercover videos in the Center for Medical Progress’ investigation of Planned Parenthood taken America around a corner. Naiveté is no longer an excuse. We can no longer say “we didn’t know.” We know virtually everything now, right down to the “crunchy,” illegal details. And with knowledge comes responsibility. 

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Episode 6: Defending Life With Grace

Campus Preparation

In this episode, Scott and Aaron talk about how to approach the subject of abortion in every day conversations by asking questions. They also discuss how to look at the subject through the lens of grace, realizing that the unborn are not the only people harmed in the process. This episode is packed full of practical ways Christians can approach a difficult and uncomfortable subject. 

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