Summit Ministries Events you can trust for a confident faith

Summit Basecamp (+18)

Summit Basecamp is designed for parents, grandparents, church leaders, and Christian educators. If you work with youth in any way, then you need to attend these free events. Basecamp will help you understand what’s happening in our post-Christian culture. And Basecamp will prepare you to pass along truth to the next generation of Christians.

Student Conferences (ages 16-22)

Give Them An Unshakable Faith This Summer
Georgia, Colorado, or Online Summer 2023

Give your kids a stronger foundation to embrace a biblical worldview and learn to navigate complex topics, such as abortion, doubts, evolution, gender identity, God’s existence, homosexuality, marriage and family, pornography, reliability of scripture, and much more.

Summit Gap Year (18+)

Summit Gap Year is a two-semester program that offers students an extraordinary opportunity for growth and excellence. The program combines top-tier academic training in a discipleship-focused environment to provide students with a formational education. Students will learn to worship God with their head, heart, and hands.

Summit Online

We live in a culture of confusion, hostility, and doubt. At Summit Ministries, we’re not afraid of the questions your teens are asking about sex, meaning, purpose, God, and faith. We work to provide a space for these students to wrestle with these questions while we help them build a framework for embracing God’s truth and championing a biblical worldview at home, in school, or in the marketplace of ideas.