Arizona Student Conference Jeff Myers

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Summit Basecamp

Racial Unity: A Christian Response to Critical Race Theory
Saturday, October 23, 2021
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT (Mountain Time)

What is Critical Race Theory? Is it good, bad, or both? Is it misunderstood? Is it biblical? And, most importantly, what can we learn about race, justice, and unity from Scripture?

Racial Unity: A Chrisitan Response to Critical Race Theory

Student Conferences (ages 16-25)

Summit Student Conferences challenge students to think deeper about their personal faith and convictions. Students learn and engage with today’s top worldview thinkers and apologists as they dive into the topics of life, identity, leadership, and many more relevant issues.

  • Vigorously articulate biblical truth
  • Meaningfully impact culture
  • Curb the influence of false worldviews
Summit Ministries Student Conference

Summit Semester (18+)

Summit Semester trains students to live well by worshipping God with their head, heart, and hands. Students escape the virtual world and enter into authentic relationships in a rustic mountain retreat setting for three months.

  • September through November
  • Formational education
  • College-aged students

Oxford Study Centre (18+)

Apply yourself and study abroad with purpose! At the Oxford Study Centre you’ll cultivate scholarship for church and culture by studying with Oxford tutors to hone your scholarly skills, and with Kevin James Bywater to clarify and strengthen your Christian convictions.

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June 14-June 18 | Impacting the Marketplace for Christ, Asbury University (ages 15-19)

What if you could boldly live out your faith? What if you confidently knew what you believed and why you believed it AND could share those beliefs and draw others to Christ? Now you can at SUMMITCAMP!

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Arizona Student Conference Jeff Myers