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While at Summit, students will be equipped to:
  • START growing in wisdom, fortitude, and initiative
  • TRANSFORM by knocking down personal barriers
  • ADVANCE God's kingdom through your gifts and talents
  • NETWORK to collaborate toward Christian worldview solutions
  • DISCIPLE others by passing the baton

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Summit offers strong, biblical-based curriculum for all grades, helping students' integrate the Bible into all areas of their hearts and minds!

Summit's newest project, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God, is perfect for you, your church, and your small group.

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Articles from Summit

Video: What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus?

What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus? “Christians have tremendous freedom to talk to Muslims about Jesus. Jesus is the center of our faith; the center of salvation, and that’s what we want to share with Muslims. We can do that because Muslims are required to believe in Jesus.” — Alan Shlemon, Speaker & Author, Stand to Reason The mission field is no longer hundreds of miles away; it is now right outside our… Read More →Video: What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus?

Brett Kunkle: Facing Doubts as Christians

  70% OF TEENS STOP ATTENDING CHURCH WITHIN ​TWO YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION* HARD CONVERSATIONS ABOUT FAITH ARE INEVITABLE… Preparation is optional. As your student enters life beyond high school, will they be prepared to engage in hard conversations?  Summit’s Student Conferences are designed to help students (ages 16-25) strengthen their faith, understand their world, and to be prepared to make a difference with their lives. What Students Love about Student Conferences… One-on-one mentoring and… Read More →Brett Kunkle: Facing Doubts as Christians

Sean McDowell: Why Students Need Summit

 WATCH YOUR TEEN RISE TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL AS A CHRISTIAN Dr. Sean McDowell, Associate Professor of Apologetics at Biola University, Summit Resident Scholar, and Summit Alumni joined Natasha Crain to answer several questions about his book. Be sure to visit and subscribe to his excellent blog as well for many posts and videos that will help equip you with an understanding of apologetics. To see the entire interview click here. Natasha Crain: Aside from Evidence, you have put… Read More →Sean McDowell: Why Students Need Summit