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Couldn’t God Forgive Everyone?

In this short post, Dr. William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith answers a tough question about God: why doesn’t he just forgive everyone? If we are all sinners, and he went to the trouble to come to earth to pay the price for our sins, why wouldn’t he just forgive all the sinners (everyone) and let them all into Heaven? Dr. Craig responds by saying that Christ’s forgiveness must be accepted for it to take… Read More →Couldn’t God Forgive Everyone?

Video: Does the reality of evil disprove the existence of God?

Does the reality of evil disprove the existence of God? “The fact that something truly evil did occur can really only be understood if first God exists and provides us with a standard of righteousness.” — J. Warner Wallace, Detective & Author, Cold Case Christianity and Forensic Faith In this video, Detective J. Warner Wallace explains how a transcendent standard of righteousness is required to judge between good and evil, thus supporting the existence of God.… Read More →Video: Does the reality of evil disprove the existence of God?

Are All Religious Roads Created Equal?

Today’s video by Sean McDowell makes some great points about religious truth. Sean notes that not all roads lead to God because not all roads agree on who God is, or if there is even a god at all. Sean also points out that only one road, Christianity, does in fact lead to God, because it is the only road that solves the universal problem of sin. Jesus came to pay the price for our… Read More →Are All Religious Roads Created Equal?