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Video: How is a “forensic faith” different?

How is a “forensic faith” different? “You can at least know that the step you are taking is not unreasonable or blind. Instead it is reasonable, based on the evidence.” — J. Warner Wallace, Author and Detective, Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses three ways that we can hold a belief, the last of which is the forensic faith that is most consistent with Christianity. This video is part… Read More →Video: How is a “forensic faith” different?

Who Are Our Heroes?

This recent article on The Stream by Eric Metaxas hits home some interesting points about manhood. Metaxas thinks through a time a few months ago when Kanye West spoke from the Oval Office about his own family experiences that have lacked “male energy.” Metaxas discusses how the concepts of male and female have been deconstructed so much by culture, conjoined with the many fatherless households across the country, has left countless individuals longing for a… Read More →Who Are Our Heroes?

Video: How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths?

How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths? “We enjoy inviting non-Christians into our home, having meals with them, and being authentic with them.” — Kevin Bywater, Director, Oxford Study Centre Kevin Bywater explains how the best way to develop relationships with people of other faiths is to show them hospitality. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the… Read More →Video: How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths?