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Latest from Summit

Dr. Williams: A Heart of Gold

By MaryAnna Prahlow (Michigan) Dr. Don Williams’s exuberance and love for poetic and wholesome literature and for Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy overflow while he is in the classroom at Summit Semester. This week was personally enjoyable as I was guided through the mind of a philologist whose straightforward, understandable lecturing, and teaching style was a refreshing change after recent visiting philosophers and more Socratic professors from past weeks. Dr. Williams, a professor at Toccoa… Read More →Dr. Williams: A Heart of Gold

Farvest Hall

By Christine Chamberlain (Minnesota) Summit Semester gifts young adults with experience. The 2018 Semester class jumped on a roller coaster ride of a journey in September, and since then, there has been no time for stopping. This is to be expected. Fast-paced adventuring is the very nature of the program. Learning life-altering lessons, gaining invaluable knowledge, and participating in Summit Semester’s traditions is the norm. On October 30th, my classmates and I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to… Read More →Farvest Hall

Community, Balance, and Taco Bell Chalupas

By Micah Berberich (Colorado) I do not think I realized when first signing up for Summit Semester how rare of a community it truly is. Initially, I referred to it in jest as a kind of social experiment, and in a sense that is exactly what it is. That a community as authentic and as rare as this one should upon the first impression be considered nothing less than an anomaly, an unnatural experience so uncommon… Read More →Community, Balance, and Taco Bell Chalupas