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Video: How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity?

How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity? “In Islam, their job is not to have a relationship with God, it’s simply to obey God. But as Christians, we not just obey God, we also have a relationship with him.” — Alan Shlemon, Author and Speaker, Stand to Reason Allah and Yahweh are quite different. Alan Shlemon points out that the biggest difference between Allah and Yahweh is Yahweh’s immanence, which highlights that… Read More →Video: How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity?

American Freedoms

American Freedoms: Why Religious and Economic Freedom are Essential to National Prosperity There are a lot of things to keep track of when trying to be an informed American citizen. On this Independence Day, we celebrate the rights and freedoms that we have as citizens in one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Take a look at the following articles from the Summit archives that discuss the religious and economic freedoms that have propelled… Read More →American Freedoms

Video: Does Socialism contradict the Bible?

Does Socialism contradict the Bible? “Socialism, as it’s actually defined and as it’s actually practiced historically, is fundamentally contrary to Christian thought.” — Jay Richards, Senior Fellow, The Discovery Institute Jay Richards looks to the 10 Commandments to explain why the Bible presupposes an economic system that contradicts Socialism. Richards explains why respect for private property has been important throughout history, and why private property is at the root of Christian community. This video is… Read More →Video: Does Socialism contradict the Bible?