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Is College Still for Knowledge?

Today’s episode of BreakPoint by John Stonestreet challenges listeners to think seriously about the status of higher education in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Stonestreet argues that higher education is misunderstood on a much deeper level than this particular incident indicates. He discusses how the purpose of college in recent years has been to help students get jobs and make money, without a care for becoming better people. This is not how college… Read More →Is College Still for Knowledge?

Video: What must atheists steal from God to make their case?

What must atheists steal from God to make their case? “Evil only exists if good exists, and good only exists if God exists, so if you’re an atheist and you’re going to say that evil disproves God, you actually have to steal from God in order to make that argument.” — Dr. Frank Turek, Founder and President, CrossExamined Dr. Frank Turek shows how one must steal a standard of morality from God to object to His existence… Read More →Video: What must atheists steal from God to make their case?

Amazon Sells Everything… Or Do They?

Yesterday’s article by Michael Brown at The Stream brings to attention an interesting development about Amazon. Amazon has banned the sale of the book Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. Brown quotes Robert Spencer, who has authored his own scholarly works critiquing the Koran, who says that the banned book “endeavors to illustrate how violent jihadists justify their actions by referring to Islamic texts and teachings—and that’s all. [The authors] call for no violence. Their… Read More →Amazon Sells Everything… Or Do They?