Can you engage in kind conversations with people you disagree with? We can’t grow in our faith & relationships unless we face this tension and learn to communicate the truth in love.

If you're tired of avoiding tough conversations and you want to be a light in a dark world but you're not sure how, Challenging Conversations, by Jason Jimenez, is the book you've been waiting for.

Learn to faithfully engage in the crucial discussions you've been avoiding. And remember, even if you disagree on a moral issue, that shouldn't make you mortal enemies.
Challenging Conversations Book Cover

Say goodbye to both culture-war aggression and conflict avoidance. Jason Jimenez shows how to love others while still loving the truth.
Jeff Myers, PhD, president, Summit Ministries

Students deserve deep answers to their questions.

"The hosts and speakers were very engaging, and freely welcomed questions and doubts."
– Cheng, Singapore

Student Conferences meet students, ages 16-24, in their brokenness. Through one-on-one mentoring, relevant topics, and passionate faculty students are equipped to offer healing in our broken world.


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