Jeff Myers' New Book: Unquestioned Answers

Unquestioned Answers Book Cover
Unquestioned Answers makes you fall in love with the Bible all over again.
Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby and Founder of the Museum of the Bible

We hear and repeat pithy Christian clichés all the time.

“Jesus was a social justice warrior.”
“Just have faith.”
“It’s not my place to judge.”

These trite statements often go unquestioned. They may sound correct and wise, but what if some of our popular clichés aren’t true?

What if these statements are actually hurting, rather than deepening, our faith? In this book, Jeff Myers rethinks ten popular Christian clichés. Through an in depth and fresh look, he shares insights into these overused statements to strengthen our faith and encourage us to share Jesus with others.

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