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Sergei Kelley

By: Sergei Kelly, MI My time at Summit can be summarized as pursuing and learning to share Truth in a Christ-like manner to any and everyone. The information presented at Summit Tennessee is a received relay baton. It is meant to be passed on, the program itself was just one training session to go over the race plan. The tools and training in two short weeks are preparation to carry that baton, to run with… Read More →Sergei Kelley

Strobel and Turek: The Case for Miracles

In this episode of the CrossExamined podcast, Dr. Frank Turek interviews Lee Strobel, author of the best-selling book The Case for Christ, on his newest book, The Case for Miracles. In this podcast, Strobel discusses some of the interviews with scholars and miracles stories he heard when he was conducting research for this book. When Dr. Turek asked Strobel what the most surprising part of the project was for him, Strobel said that it was… Read More →Strobel and Turek: The Case for Miracles

How has social media impacted Gen Z’s identity?

How has social media impacted Gen Z’s identity? “Social media is creating an enormous amount of pressure of ‘This is who you’re supposed to be.’” — Mike Sherrard, Author and Speaker, Relational Apologetics Mike Sherrard discusses how social media changed the way younger generations view identity. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the difficulties you’re facing, and they’re all from Summit’s… Read More →How has social media impacted Gen Z’s identity?