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Thinking in Church Before the Academy

This article by detective J. Warner Wallace does a great job of highlighting a shortcoming in the church today. Wallace points out that there has been an increased interest in apologetics at a university level in the last few years, even while the number of students who leave the church after high school stays quite high. This is not to suggest that students are deciding to study apologetics in college and then, after their training,… Read More →Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Rhythm and Rest

By Nathan Davis (Illinois) I find that while I’ve spent some time here at Summit Semester I’ve begun asking big questions once again. Unlike other big questions I’ve had, these stem from beginning to understand how to think clearly, not from confusion. I think I owe much of this to two things which are built into Summit Semester: rhythm and rest. While Semester allows many typical freedoms, it also offers another form of freedom: structure. … Read More →Rhythm and Rest

When God First Conceived of a “Professor,” He had this Man in Mind

By Kate Staub (Colorado) “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin Dr. Bauman walked in, a sweater vest and belted up jeans draping his slouched figure. Apparently weary from a day of travel, he was quiet, and no doubt worn from the thought of what awaited him (coaxing out, ambushing, and deconstructing his students’ collective and individual thoughtlessness). He was obviously a teacher; one… Read More →When God First Conceived of a “Professor,” He had this Man in Mind