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The Political Pinterest

In this week’s episode of The Point, John Stonestreet discusses how Pinterest has decided to take action against pro-life group Live Action, who uses their platform. We’ve shared before about how companies and social media platforms are discriminating against certain conservative ideas, and this example is no less noteworthy. Stonestreet makes a great point about the strategies we often see aimed at traditional value systems. In pointing out how one democratic candidate aims to paint… Read More →The Political Pinterest

Where should we begin reading?

Where should we begin reading? “This connects ideas together, and I see how ideas overlap and are intersected… and really just how a worldview works together.” — Kevin Bywater, Director, Oxford Study Centre Kevin Bywater discusses his reading strategy for developing a Christian worldview. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the difficulties you’re facing, and they’re all from Summit’s world-class faculty members.… Read More →Where should we begin reading?

Who Made God?

In this video, Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses a frequently raised objection to theism: if God made the universe, who made God? Whether it’s from an innocent child or a snide secularist who thinks he’s just debunked Christianity, this question can help us understand more about who God is. Wallace points out that this question becomes incoherent when you understand that God is uncreated. “Who made God?” God wasn’t made. He just is. Furthermore, Wallace… Read More →Who Made God?