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Video: How can Christians champion the pro-life movement?

How can Christians champion the pro-life movement? “We’ve got to study, but we also then have to take what we learn and communicate it.” — Scott Klusendorf, Founder and President, Life Training Institute Many Christians don’t know where to start when they want to make an impact for the pro-life cause. In this video, Scott Klusendorf gives some practical advice for making a difference on this important issue. This video is part of a series… Read More →Video: How can Christians champion the pro-life movement?

Road Trip Memories

By April Salan (Pennsylvania) I have many favorite things about Semester so far, but if I was required to pick one, it would definitely be the people. The staff and my fellow students are some of the most wonderful group of individuals I’ve had the pleasure of living with. From dish pit to dancing nights to work on [project] crews, we never cease to find ways to bond with each other. One of the things I have… Read More →Road Trip Memories

Evidence: Experience Over Facts?

This recent post by blogger Natasha Crain highlights some crucial points about the role that objective evidence should play in our understanding of reality. Natasha walks us through the way she processed the terrifying idea that she might have cancer. Through this experience, she saw some of the limits of trying to look at reality objectively all the time. Many times, especially in moments of hardship, even the most intellectual people are not interested in… Read More →Evidence: Experience Over Facts?