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The Decline of Darwinism

This recent article at Evolution News highlights some interesting developments in scientific fields about evolution. First, it discusses the recent skepticism of Darwinism by famed Yale computer scientist Dale Gelernter. Gelernter says that Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt was pivotal in his rejection of neo-Darwinian Evolution, and that “Few open-minded people will finish it with their faith in Darwin intact.” The article discusses further numerous figures and scientists who have expressed skepticism towards Darwinism, including a list… Read More →The Decline of Darwinism

Video: Is the universe designed for life?

Is the universe designed for life? “The fact that the universe is fine-tuned in such a way that carbon-based life emerges is for the most part noncontroversial.” — J. Warner Wallace, Detective and Author, Cold Case Christianity and God’s Crime Scene Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses the nature of the finely-tuned world we live in and the potential explanations for it. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the… Read More →Video: Is the universe designed for life?

Is the Jonah Story Plausible?

This recent video by Dr. Sean McDowell draws our attention to one of the most famous, and infamous, Bible stories. Could Jonah have actually been swallowed by a big fish? Sean makes a few interesting points that make the details of the story more plausible, but in the second half of the video Sean truly gets to the heart of the matter. He points out that if God has truly done so many of the… Read More →Is the Jonah Story Plausible?