A Full Week of Summit Training for Students.
All From Your Living Room.

At Summit Virtual, students ages 16-25 will have live interaction with world-class speakers on apologetics and worldview. Your student will be challenged to think deeper about their personal faith and convictions. They will watch every speaker and lecture while receiving real-time mentoring and group discussions in an online breakout room.

Session 1: July 19-23, 2021
Session 2: August 2-6, 2021

Curriculum and Resources That Make Sense of Today’s World

Summit offers Bible curriculum for Christian schools, homeschool families, and churches to help students integrate the Bible into all areas of their hearts and minds!

Summit offers free videos, articles, and podcasts to help you embrace God’s truth, champion a biblical worldview, and share your faith with the next generation.


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The Summit Alumni Network

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If you’ve been to a Summit conference, you’re a Summit alum, and the Summit Alumni Network exists to help you connect to Summit, to other alumni, and to great worldview and apologetics resources.