The Political Pinterest

The Political Pinterest

The Political PinterestIn this week’s episode of The Point, John Stonestreet discusses how Pinterest has decided to take action against pro-life group Live Action, who uses their platform. We’ve shared before about how companies and social media platforms are discriminating against certain conservative ideas, and this example is no less noteworthy.

Stonestreet makes a great point about the strategies we often see aimed at traditional value systems. In pointing out how one democratic candidate aims to paint pro-lifers to be as socially unacceptable as racists, we can clearly see that the goal here is to shut down discussion altogether with personal attacks.

They are not making an argument for their view; they simply assume it, and publicly shame those who dare to disagree. Whether it’s through censorship on social media platforms, like in this case, or in the more general marketplace of cultural and political ideas, we need to be aware of these cases so we can expose them and be prepared to respond when our turn comes.

Stonestreet says:

“This double standard might be the new normal for groups and individuals who are pro-life.”