The Abortion Debate: Advancing Important Conversation

The Abortion Debate:Advancing Important Conversation

This article by Josh Shepherd at The Stream highlights an interview with Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers, where he discusses the abortion debate that took place this past Thursday between Dr. Mike Adams and Dr. Willie Parker. Dr. Myers discusses how the event came together, his thoughts on the dialogue, and the effectiveness of debates in bringing people of different viewpoints together to discuss important questions.

The final point from Dr. Myers should encourage us to go out and have these conversations ourselves, even with people who disagree. If we believe the ramifications of the abortion conversation are important, we can learn from those who participate in debates like this one and ask others for their thoughts. Civil conversation helps everyone understand more clearly, so we should look for opportunities to advance the conversation with more events like this one and in our own relationships as well.

It is time for Christians to engage the culture on this important question. We can’t stand aside and expect the professionals to do all the work; there is too much to be done. We have an obligation to love our neighbors, and to do so most effectively, we must engage.

Dr. Jeff says:

“We were able to take what is perhaps the most difficult issue in our culture and have an entire evening where it gets discussed thoroughly… The results are, we know one another better and come away better informed. In my view, when a debate is done like that, it’s a very good way to engage the key issues of our day.”