Frank Turek and Mike Adams: Unplanned and The Abortion Debate

The Abortion Debate & Unplanned

Friday’s episode of the CrossExamined podcast, hosted by Dr. Frank Turek, featured a dialogue with Dr. Mike Adams. They discussed at great length Dr. Adams’ debate with abortion doctor Dr. Willie Parker, while discussing important scenes from the recent movie Unplanned along the way. They explain how these resources, and others, have been effective tools for changing minds on the abortion issue.

These men bring up many different resources over the course of their conversation that would be great for those who have been inspired to learn more. Dr. Adams even discusses how one particular film impacted his outlook on abortion.

Conversations like this one are beneficial for so many different reasons. Not only do they show how strong the arguments are for the pro-life position, but they give us yet another tool for bringing the conversation to our own spheres of influence. How hard is it to listen to this podcast, or watch the debate, or see Unplanned, with a friend, and ask “What did you think?” We may safe a life.

Mike says:

“I watched [The Silent Scream], a couple of times, and eventually I changed my mind, and became not only the advisor of the pro-life club at UNC Wilmington; I travel the country and speak on the issue of abortion and do these debates, simply because one person had reached out to me, for 10 minutes…”