Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships
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Use your gifts and talents to equip and support the rising generation!
Be a part of helping students stand for truth and relationships

Use your gifts and talents to equip and support the rising generation!
Be a part of helping students stand for truth and relationships

What makes Summit a great place to work and grow? This is what staff and interns say:

What makes Summit a great place to work and grow? This is what staff and interns say:


Summit Ministries desires to see generations of Christians mobilized to transform a broken world.


We exist to equip and support rising generations to embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview.


Biblical Worldview  |  Essential Christianity  |  Truth and Relationship  |  Pursuing Excellence  |  Stewardship

Summit Employment

Hospitality Coordinator

Maintain and develop hospitality services and rapport with guests, suppliers, vendors, and contractors utilized by the Summit Support Services Department.  Enable greater efficiency for the Properties Team through furniture, fixtures, and supplies research, interior design decisions, and procuring materials necessary for ongoing use of Summit’s main campus. (Learn more and apply)

Director of Marketing & Sales

The Director of Marketing & Sales oversees the marketing, sales, and customer service strategies for the Program Services Team. This position is responsible for generating the “wow” that grows the value of Summit Ministries’ brand and attracts and serves customers for its products/services. The director plays a key leadership role in Summit’s overall public relations, communications, and brand development strategies. (Learn more and apply)

Curriculum Editor

The Curriculum Editor provides editorial development for curriculum in the Christian school channel. This consists of Summit curriculum including Building on the Rock, Walking in Truth, Understanding the Times, and Sunday school curriculum. The Editor will also participate in other ministry publishing projects as directed by the Curriculum Managing Editor. (Learn more and apply)

Content Manager

The Content Manager is responsible for creating and maintaining content to fulfill Summit Ministries’ mission. This includes—but is not limited to—written, recorded, live, or other forms of free and paid content. This person is ultimately responsible for developing and maintaining a content strategy that fuels ministry engagement and serves other areas of the Program Services Department. The staff member is motivated to impact the lives of students and trainers through the development of worldview-related content. (Learn more and apply)

Graduate Support Manager

The Support Manager is responsible for resourcing and serving Summit graduates to help them grow in their faith and influence. This ideal candidate for this position will have a desire to explore new and creative opportunities while managing day-to-day details to ensure the ongoing success of Support efforts. This position is critical to fulfilling Summit Ministries’ mission, and this employee must have a strong passion for helping ministry graduates grow in faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. (Learn more and apply)

Student Conference Staff Positions

Are you a leader who wants to invest and guide the hearts and minds of young adults, ages 16-25? Join the Student Conference summer staffing team!

By investing your time and talents at Summit you will be challenged to give back to students in a way you never have before. As a summer staffer you will have the opportunity to love, serve, think well, rest, disciple, play, worship, and grow spiritually. Summit’s leadership team will provide training that will strengthen and grow your worldview knowledge. This will equip you to pour into the lives and hearts of students.

There are a variety of positions available for each in-person and virtual conference.

Snow Wolf Lodge Summer Internship

Have you ever considered what meaningful work entails? Have you struggled to find purpose in carrying out mundane tasks? What is the Biblical concept of “vocation?”

A summer internship at Snow Wolf Lodge seeks to ask and answer questions like these as you work alongside mentors who will challenge you to better understand God’s design for work.

In this internship, you will continue to be shaped through trade skills, hospitality services, landscaping, and many other areas. These are great skills and experiences that will transfer to many other vocations.

Summit Internship Program

Through a variety of internships, our interns have the opportunity to further their careers, work alongside of experts in their fields, and receive mentoring and professional development throughout the whole process. The projects you’ll work on aren’t busy-work; they’re videos, campaigns, and projects that are launching in a few days or months and have the chance to make a real impact on people’s lives. This year we’re looking for interns for the following:

  • Advancement: Partner Experience
  • Maintenance
  • Media: Photography
  • Media: Video Production
  • Product Management

Applications for the 2021 Internship Program are now closed. Stay tuned for our 2022 application!

Best Christian Workplace
Video Production Interns