Summit Basecamp

Summit Basecamp

Get practical insights from youth leader experts on Generation Z

Come spend an afternoon with Christian leaders to help you better understand and connect with Gen Z. Go back to your students with practical tools to help them stand strong in the Biblical Worldview.

“Whom you want to change you must first love, and they must know that you love them,” (attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr.). This generation is overwhelmed and distracted by competing voices. As youth leaders, what are we doing to understand Gen Z? We can learn where students are coming from, so that we can equip them to stand strong in their faith.

How do we practically pursue and connect with them through truth, relationship and grace? As youth leaders we can come along side of Gen Z helping them to develop a worldview that can withstand and is sufficient to answer the big questions in life. Come be encouraged and equipped together with other youth leaders. Walk away refreshed with tools to have real relationship with this Generation.


Basecamp is a free event specifically designed to engage with youth pastors and leaders. Come prepared to walk away with practical tools and information on how to better connect and reach Gen Z.


We’d love to have you join us for Summit Basecamp! There are two free registration options to choose between. Join us either by live simulcast from the comfort of your home or in-person at our campus in Colorado.

Afternoon Schedule
October 25, 2018 (1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, MST)

Opening: Brandon Cormier


Session #1: Role Models: The Importance of Relationships and Modeling Christianity for Gen Z – Dr. Jeff Myers


Q&A Session: Dr. Jeff Myers & Brandon Cormier


Session #2: Identity: Helping Gen Z Understand Who They Are and What Makes Them Valuable – Mike Sherrard


Q&A Session: Mike Sherrard & Brandon Cormier


Short Interviews:
We have interviewed several speakers who will not be present at Basecamp on the following questions (this will be the only part of the event which won’t be live):
How Has Social Media Impacted Gen Z’s Identity?
• How Does Gen Z Develop Meaningful Relationship?


Session #3: The Bible: How Gen Z Doesn’t Know What’s In It or Why It Should Be Trusted – Jason Jimenez


Q&A Session: Jason Jimenez & Brandon Cormier


Panel Discussion: Cormier, Jimenez, Myers & Sherrard
During the panel discussion Cormier as the MC will lead discussion between the speakers about the following topics:
How to Communicate with Digital Natives
Where Do GenZers Stand on Equality, Morality and Sexuality?
• What the Church Must Do to Reach Gen Z Before It’s Too Late


Summary Session: Dr. Jeff Myers


Closing: Brandon Cormier



Pastor Brandon Cormier and his wife, Octavia pastor Elevate Youth Church and The Edge Internship at Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona. Combining over 10 years of youth/young adult & worship ministry experience, Brandon uses his musical, public speaking, and theatrical gifts to zealously articulate God’s Word in a relevant way to youth and young adults of this generation. He is an alumnus of Oral Roberts University where he earned his Master of Divinity Degree. Brandon has also served on the adjunct faculty of The King’s University and Youth Min Academy. He also travels nationally and internationally leading missions trips and speaking at conferences and retreats.


Jason Jimenez is the founder of STAND STRONG Ministries. He is a worldview expert that specializes in cultural, philosophical, theological, and religious issues. Jason is also a best-selling author of several books: The Raging War of Ideas: How to Take Back Our Faith, Family, and Country, co-authored The Official Study Guide to I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, The Bible’s Answers to 100 of Life’s Biggest Questions with Dr. Norman Geisler, and co-authored Stand Strong America: Courage, Freedom & Hope for Tomorrow, Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home, and Stand Strong in Your Faith. Jason conducts numerous interviews in the media, and has appeared on CBS Radio, the Christian Post, World Net Daily (WND), Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson, TBN’s Praise the Lord, Sky News, and Focus on the Family. He and his wife, Celia, live in Charlotte, NC with their four beautiful children.


Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. In the last 20 years Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson referred to him as “a very gifted and inspirational young leader.” Evangelist Josh McDowell called him “a man who is 100% sold out to preparing the next generation to reflect the character of Christ in the culture.”
Through his appearances on Fox News and other media programs, Dr. Myers has become a fresh voice offering humor and insight from a Christian worldview. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree and teaches leadership courses through Lumerit and Belhaven University, Jeff and his family live in Colorado.


Mike Sherrard is lead pastor at Crosspoint Community Church, the co-creator and director of Ratio Christi College Prep, speaker for the Life Training Institute, founder of the Pro-Life Pastor’s Initiative, and author of Relational Apologetics.