Summit Basecamp

The Summit Basecamp series equips adults with a deeper understanding of apologetics and biblical worldview to effectively walk alongside students in a post-Christian culture. Each three-hour Basecamp event will explore a different relevant topic with speakers who are experts in that area.

Our next Summit Basecamp in the series will take place on October 24, 2019, at 1-4 P.M. MDT

January of this year marked the 45th year since the Roe V. Wade decision in the United States. As our country seeks answers to fundamental questions about the value of human life, take time to reflect on the answers your students are adopting as their own. Do you feel equipped to help your students think critically about the answers they are believing?

Summit Ministries and Life Training Institute invite you to join us on October 24 for Summit Basecamp. This event will equip attendees to think critically about the ethics of abortion and questions regarding beginning and end of life issues and technologies that directly impact our communities. When we think critically about hard issues we can connect with students to help move them beyond what they feel is right and on to pursue biblical truth. Gather your community and host an online watch party or join us in-person in Manitou Springs, CO.

Session Descriptions

Session 1: “Here I Stand: Making the Case for Life”

The issue of abortion has been shoved to the forefront of our nation’s discourse in recent months. Scott Klusendorf, President of Life Training Institute, will give an update as to what’s happening at the national level, and why it’s vital to engage on this issue at this unique time in our history. Then, Megan Almon will present a clear, compelling case for the pro-life view. She will teach you how to bring clarity to the issue in conversations by focusing on the most important question at the center of the whole debate. She’ll make a case for the humanity of the unborn by appealing to science. And she’ll make a philosophical argument that demonstrates that there is no relevant difference between embryos and adults that would justify killing the former. Her presentation will equip you to be able to offer compassionate and persuasive answers to pro-life questions in the public arena.

Session 2: Standing Strong Under Fire: Popular Abortion Arguments & Why They Fail

Scott Klusendorf has defended the pro-life view with grace and truth for decades. He has faced tough objections from those who disagree, confronted hostility with gentle tenacity, and wrestled with some of the most sophisticated pro-choice arguments out there. That’s why he is familiar with common arguments offered by abortion advocates, and why they’re problematic. Deepen your understanding of the pro-life case as Scott turns things inside out and presents bad ways people often argue for abortion. His presentation will teach you to spot flaws, ask good questions, and offer answers that keep conversations about abortion on point while demonstrating gentleness and respect in the midst of disagreement.

Session 3: Beware the Undercurrents: Worldviews in Play in Debates Over Abortion & Bioethics

Scott and Megan will tell you that when life issues clash with popular trends and personal values, everybody wants to change the subject. The key is to keep the main thing the main thing. In this session, Scott and Megan will offer insight into the undercurrents — worldview thinking that swirls beneath the surface and the bioethical issues that bubble up as a result. They’ll explore the dangers that result when individuals believe they can construct reality according to their desires, as well as the predominant view of what it means to be human that drives the cultural discussions on issues across the spectrum of life from beginning to end and everything in between. Learn effective ways to engage in these beyond-the-surface matters that will help you keep your footing. When you stand strong, you’re able to keep others from being swept away as the debates over making, taking, and faking life grow in intensity.


If you are a church leader, parent, or educator (CEUs available) who is searching for answers about how to come alongside this generation, then this simulcast is for you. If you walk alongside students guiding them to think for themselves as they interact with ever-changing culture, this event is for you.

Your community and church need this training. Plan today to host this event at your church or home today! 

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Event Speakers

Scott Klusendorf
President of Life Training Institute, where he equips pro-life advocates to make a persuasive case for life.

Megan Almon
Speaker and writer with the Life Training Institute, she teaches students how to defend their views winsomely in the marketplace of ideas.

Speaker Preview Videos

Receive Continuing Education Units

Do you need Continuing Education Units? Summit is excited to offer CEUs for Summit Basecamp events from the following organizations: ACSI, AACS, ACTS, CSFLA, ILCS, and FAACS. Each organization will award 3 contact hours to any teacher who views the event. Learn more here

Watch Past Basecamps

Summit’s mission is to cultivate rising generations to resolutely champion a biblical worldview. One of the ways we do this is by offering training and resources to you as you walk alongside students. Below you’ll find recordings from past Summit Basecamp events on varies relevant topics.

Navigating a Technological and Pornified Culture

Many teens suffer from isolation, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. This event will focus on how pornography and the increasing use of technology plays a role in these effects. When students look for community and acceptance through technology or intimacy through pornography they slowly lose their ability to live fully as God intended and to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Dr. Kathy Koch, Jonathan McKee, and Haley Halverson will lead you through sessions to explore lies that students are believing about community and self-esteem found online and practical ways we can work to challenge students for more face to face engagement.

Basecamp May 2019

Truth & Relationship in a Sexually Confused Culture

Same-sex marriage and homosexuality are becoming more prominent, accepted, and normalized within our culture. How has this affected the way your students view sexuality? 

Worldview experts John Stonestreet, Dr. Christopher Yuan, and Caleb Kaltenbach will equip you with information and practical strategies for helping students to navigate within a sexually broken culture.

Practical Tools for Equipping Gen Z

Every generation has its ups and downs, but Gen Z is unique—there has never been a generation in America so thoroughly captured by the culture, so thoroughly enmeshed with social media, and so secular in its thinking about the world. How do we develop relationships of grace that do not ignore the truth?

Generation Z experts, Dr. Jeff Myers, Jason Jimenez, and Mike Sherrard will lead you through sessions on relationships, role models, identity, and biblical authority.

Receive Continuing Education Units

Do you need Continuing Education Units? Summit is excited to offer CEUs for Summit Basecamp events from the following organizations: ACSI, AACS, ACTS, CSFLA, ILCS, and FAACS. Each organization will award 3 contact hours to any teacher who views the event. Learn more here

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