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Telling the Truth to Transform a Generation

January 15, 2021

Summit Ministries presents a special 3-hour live stream event Telling the Truth to Transform a Generation. Pastors, teachers, parents, and concerned adults will learn practical strategies for connecting with the hearts and minds of teens to help them find healing and become resilient, courageous adults.

Event Speakers

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Dr. Jeff Myers
Summit Ministries

Greg Koukl
Stand to Reason

Megan Almon
Life Training Institute

Event Details

Speaker Circles_JeffMyers

Dr. Jeff Myers

Youth leadership expert and president of Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Gritty Kids in a Fragile Age—Biblical Thinking About Culture and Mental Health 

Fragile. That’s the word mental health professionals increasingly use to describe today’s young adults. Anxiety and depression are at record highs. Twenty-five percent of 18-to-24-year-olds have considered suicide within the last 30 days. Boredom, fear, disappointment have taken their toll, especially during the COVID lockdown. With education now being on-line, the trifecta of digital entertainment, friendship, and learning is complete. What we do about it depends on our worldview. Since secularists often approach the problem as purely behavioral or medical, Christians often react by treating it as purely spiritual. To grapple with today’s mental health crisis we need to understand a biblical worldview of humanity—who we are an what we are to do, so that we can care for both our souls and our bodies. Dr. Myers shows how true Christianity reaches deeply into the neuroses of our age to bring true healing.

Who should attend?

If you are a church leader, parent, or educator (CEUs available) who is searching for answers about how to come alongside this generation, then this event is for you. If you walk alongside students guiding them to think for themselves as they interact with ever-changing culture, this event is for you.

Your community and church need this training. Plan today to host this event at your church or home today!

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About the Virtual Platform

This event will take place on the Summit Virtual platform. This platform was developed by Summit staff this summer and was introduced to 947 students during our iconic worldview conferences. Our live and interactive platform brings attendees together with top Christian experts and best-selling authors in a live, “gamified” setting designed to be fun and personally challenging. Watch our preview video to see this platform by clicking here. Summit Basecamp will allow registrants to ask questions and interact with speakers who will be live at our Summit studio in the historic Grandview Hotel.

Our speakers will be live! But what if you can’t be?
Sign up anyway! The on-demand recording will be made available to all registrants after the event. If you have any questions, please call us at (719) 685-9103 or contact us here.

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Summit Basecamp is a free content series Summit hosts, to equip adults with a deeper understanding of apologetics and biblical worldview to effectively walk alongside students in a post-Christian culture. Each three-hour Basecamp event will explore a different relevant topic with speakers who are experts in that area.

How can we helping teens find hope in the midst of their anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide?

Gen Z faces a mental health crisis. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high. Suicide has risen to alarming levels. Some dismiss mental health issues as a “snowflake” problem but new evidence shows that it is a complex and often deadly public health emergency. Technology has propelled the rising generation into nervous exhaustion. Economic uncertainty has robbed them of a path to success. COVID-19 and the unraveling of civil society have only added fuel to the fire.

How can we help students make ethical decisions in a morally complicated world?

Never before have your students been presented with so many options and different perspectives on how to make ethical decisions. The culture screams at us to “live our own truth” and tells us to “be a good person” while new technologies and a changing political landscape are framing our minds to focus on an idea of good that isn’t consistent with a Christian worldview. What do we need to be able to make God-honoring moral choices in an immoral world?

What is your role in promoting life?

January of this year marked the 45th year since the Roe V. Wade decision in the United States. As our country seeks answers to fundamental questions about the value of human life, take time to reflect on the answers your students are adopting as their own. Do you feel equipped to help your students think critically about the answers they are believing?

Think critically about the ethics of abortion and questions regarding beginning and end of life issues and technologies that directly impact our communities. When we think critically about hard issues we can connect with students to help move them beyond what they feel is right and on to pursue biblical truth. 

How can you shepherd teens in the midst of a technological and pornified culture?

Many teens suffer from isolation, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. This event will focus on how pornography and the increasing use of technology plays a role in these effects. When students look for community and acceptance through technology or intimacy through pornography they slowly lose their ability to live fully as God intended and to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Dr. Kathy Koch, Jonathan McKee, and Haley Halverson will lead you through sessions to explore lies that students are believing about community and self-esteem found online and practical ways we can work to challenge students for more face to face engagement.

How to apply truth and relationship in a sexually confused culture?

Same-sex marriage and homosexuality are becoming more prominent, accepted, and normalized within our culture. How has this affected the way your students view sexuality? 

Worldview experts John Stonestreet, Dr. Christopher Yuan, and Caleb Kaltenbach will equip you with information and practical strategies for helping students to navigate within a sexually broken culture.

What are some practical tools for coming alongside Gen Z students?

Every generation has its ups and downs, but Gen Z is unique—there has never been a generation in America so thoroughly captured by the culture, so thoroughly enmeshed with social media, and so secular in its thinking about the world. How do we develop relationships of grace that do not ignore the truth?

Generation Z experts, Dr. Jeff Myers, Jason Jimenez, and Mike Sherrard will lead you through sessions on relationships, role models, identity, and biblical authority.

Receive Continuing Education Units

Do you need Continuing Education Units? Summit is excited to offer CEUs for Summit Basecamp events from the following organizations: ACSI, AACS, ACTS, CSFLA, ILCS, and FAACS. Each organization will award 3 contact hours to any teacher who views the event. Learn more here

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