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You Don’t Own Me

In March of 2015, the Australian artist, Grace, released a cover version of the song “You Don’t Own Me,” originally recorded by Lesley Gore in 1963. The song became the number one hit on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) charts. It was also featured in one of the trailers for the 2015 film Suicide Squad. The music video has been viewed over 213,000,000 times on youtube. You can listen to Grace’s version here.  … Read More →You Don’t Own Me

Strangeling Morality

The Alfred Hitchcock movie Rope tells the story of two college classmates who murder their “inferior” classmate, inviting their friends over for a party to see if they can successfully hide their crime and demonstrate their own superiority. It’s a strange suspense movie (set entirely in one room) that keeps you on edge the whole time. The film is also a good reminder that “ideas have consequences.” In this scene, the party guests discuss whether… Read More →Strangeling Morality

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Over at BreakPoint, our friend and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet offers an interesting update on the repercussions of the child policies in China. Stonestreet notes that the famous one child limit was raised to a two child limit a few years ago, and now Chinese officials are even trying to incentivize people to have more children. Now that the former fears about population control are subsiding, China is starting to see the serious negative impact that… Read More →Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Colson Center President and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet brings to our attention some interesting new research about the uniqueness of life here on earth. Stonestreet cites a recent paper by researchers at Oxford that highlights how life on other planets may not be nearly as likely as many people think. Why is there so much interest, especially in the scientific community, about whether or not there is intelligent life in other parts of the universe? Could it… Read More →Is Life on Earth Unique?

Video: How can Christians practice true tolerance?

Defining True Tolerance

How can Christians practice true tolerance? “If you actually want people to develop a different view of tolerance, build relationships with them. Show them that you’re kind; show them that you care about them; show them that you have convictions and yet still value them as people.” — Sean McDowell, Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics, Biola University The classical view of tolerance has been hijacked by the politically-correct culture in which we live. Sean McDowell… Read More →Video: How can Christians practice true tolerance?

Video: Can we maintain hope in a broken culture?

Living with Hope

Can we maintain hope in a broken culture? “We shouldn’t just stand in our moment and try to make sense of Scripture; we’ve got to stand in Scripture to make sense of our moment.” — John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview As Christians, we must battle to keep straight the story of the world and the moment we live in. If we can learn to stand on the unchanging scriptural truth of… Read More →Video: Can we maintain hope in a broken culture?

Video: How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity?

Allah vs. Yahweh

How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity? “In Islam, their job is not to have a relationship with God, it’s simply to obey God. But as Christians, we not just obey God, we also have a relationship with him.” — Alan Shlemon, Author and Speaker, Stand to Reason Allah and Yahweh are quite different. Alan Shlemon points out that the biggest difference between Allah and Yahweh is Yahweh’s immanence, which highlights that… Read More →Video: How is Allah of Islam different from God of Christianity?

American Freedoms

American Freedoms

American Freedoms: Why Religious and Economic Freedom are Essential to National Prosperity There are a lot of things to keep track of when trying to be an informed American citizen. On this Independence Day, we celebrate the rights and freedoms that we have as citizens in one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Take a look at the following articles from the Summit archives that discuss the religious and economic freedoms that have propelled… Read More →American Freedoms

Video: Does Socialism contradict the Bible?

Bible and Socialism

Does Socialism contradict the Bible? “Socialism, as it’s actually defined and as it’s actually practiced historically, is fundamentally contrary to Christian thought.” — Jay Richards, Senior Fellow, The Discovery Institute Jay Richards looks to the 10 Commandments to explain why the Bible presupposes an economic system that contradicts Socialism. Richards explains why respect for private property has been important throughout history, and why private property is at the root of Christian community. This video is… Read More →Video: Does Socialism contradict the Bible?

Video: How can Christians start conversations with non-believers?

Conversations with Unbelievers

How can Christians start conversations with non-believers? “The best way to start a conversation with a non-believer is by asking them questions.” — Brett Kunkle, Founder and President, Maven Brett Kunkle explains how strategically placed questions and genuine, interested listening can be used to guide conversations with non-believers towards truth. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the difficulties you’re facing,… Read More →Video: How can Christians start conversations with non-believers?

Christians need to get their worldview straightened out

Two-thirds of Christian young adults are actually new agers. Half are postmodern–they don’t believe truth actually exists. Nearly half think people should be forced to embrace the faith. We need students to have an intelligent, compassionate, confident faith. Join us at Summit this summer. YOU can depend on Summit to find answers to your questions and more. “Summit is where young adults, headed to college come for two weeks to get their worldview straightened out” –Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit President… Read More →Christians need to get their worldview straightened out

What’s worse than going to college?

Jeremy Uecker, a sociologist at Baylor, found that students who don’t go to college are even more likely than college-goers to drop out of their faith.   Why? Because they don’t realize that they’re still on a battlefield for their hearts and minds. Hard conversations are inevitable. How will your student prepare for their spiritual battle?   Send your students to Summit, where world-class speakers like Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace, and Christopher Yuan will… Read More →What’s worse than going to college?