Is There a Surge of Faith Among America’s Youth?

Kasey Leander, a Summit Ministries graduate, shares his insightful thoughts on what could be an encouraging surge in faithfulness among our youth in America. He writes,

One of the main predictors of belief is that a young person’s objections were taken seriously by someone willing to listen and address them. It isn’t enough simply to repeat what is true, especially when Christians are one voice among so many. Instead, as we’ve said before on Breakpoint, opposing viewpoints must be considered thoroughly in order to inoculate, not isolate, Christian young people.

To that end, I highly recommend Summit Ministries, a lifelong friend of the Colson Center and one of the best places I know for asking hard questions. Two-week conferences are held at Covenant College in Georgia and Summit headquarters in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Summit gives students a chance to explore the Christian worldview in all its fullness, covering topics like abortion, doubt and deconstruction, evolution, sexuality, God’s existence, and more. If you know a student who would benefit from a Summit conference this year, please go to and use our special code “BREAKPOINT” for an exclusive discount.

The spiritual openness of Gen Z is an opportunity we must not miss. For young people, it may be the difference between eternal life and death, as well as a life of flourishing and purpose here and now. Clearly, God isn’t done with this emerging generation. And neither should we be.

The following article co-authored by John Stonestreet and Kasey and the Breakpoint article from The Colson Center can be read here.