What Is Marxism?

Some say it’s pointless to include Marxism when discussing prominent religions and worldviews, but we disagree. Despite the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), which dominated what is now called Russia, around 20 percent of the world’s population still lives under the rule of communists. The largest communist country in the world today is China. In spite of its growing industry, China’s communist rulers are still very much in control. And when we also consider countries operating on the principles Marx taught but not using the label communist, we are talking about a majority of the world’s population living every day with the consequences of Marx’s philosophies.

Despite its clearly atheistic philosophy, Marxism has also made many inroads into the church. Some evangelicals involved in the so-called Christian Left have embraced key tenets of Marxism.

To this end, Christians must understand the influences of bad ideology in order to know well God’s truth. While grains of truth can be found in the Marxist worldview as it accepts the significance and relevance of science, we must not simply stop there. Like with all worldviews, we must stop and ask the question, “What do you do with Jesus Christ?” The way that question is answered serves as the dividing line between truth and lies.

In a recent op-ed piece by Dr. Jeff Myers, he discusses the history of Marxism, how it has influenced the young generation as well as popular movements in our culture.

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