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Video: What must atheists steal from God to make their case?

What must atheists steal from God to make their case?

What must atheists steal from God to make their case? “Evil only exists if good exists, and good only exists if God exists, so if you’re an atheist and you’re going to say that evil disproves God, you actually have to steal from God in order to make that argument.” — Dr. Frank Turek, Founder and President, CrossExamined Dr. Frank Turek shows how one must steal a standard of morality from God to object to His existence… Read More →Video: What must atheists steal from God to make their case?

Free Will or Fate?

Following the shocking anthology series, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and team have produced an interactive film called Bandersnatch. Bouncing off of a concept that has been used in the video game world for some time, the movie allows you to make choices about how the story will turn out as you go along. Every five to ten minutes you are presented with a choice of two ways the story can go. There are multiple pathways… Read More →Free Will or Fate?

Are You a ‘Natural’?

When people think of modern rock music, the band Imagine Dragons probably comes to mind. Since 2012 they’ve been releasing music that has been topping the charts. With singles like “Demons,” “I Bet My Life,” “Thunder,” “Believer,” “Whatever it Takes,” and “Radioactive” (which holds the record for the most weeks spent on the Billboard Hot 100), Imagine Dragons has become one of the most popular rock bands of the decade. Part of the appeal of… Read More →Are You a ‘Natural’?

Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

On today’s episode of BreakPoint, Colson Center President John Stonestreet discussed a conversation he had with a friend, Joni Eareckson Tada, about her suffering. Joni has been battling cancer for a long time, and she has been wheelchair bound for over 50 years. Joni knows more about suffering than many of us could ever imagine, and she makes it clear that she can see a greater purpose for her suffering in God’s Kingdom. Stonestreet further notes… Read More →Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

Christianity: The Fuel for Modern Science

This video by Tim Barnett highlights some crucial points about the relationship between science and Christianity. Many of the founders of modern science actually became scientists because they expected nature to be orderly and intelligible, as the result of it’s creation by an orderly, intelligent creator. Despite what many people say today, Christianity and science are not competing explanations for the natural world, but rather, belief in God fueled the curiosity about the world that became… Read More →Christianity: The Fuel for Modern Science

Can you imagine?

John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” is one of the enduring classics from the 1970s. Lennon was a member of the Beatles and an avid political activist. “Imagine” is an anthem of Secularism and remains extremely popular to this day. In fact, it practically sums up the secular worldview in three minutes. You can listen to a modern version here.     Living for Today Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below… Read More →Can you imagine?

Can Darwinism explain the language of life?

Language of Life

In this recent episode of the Discovery Institute’s ID the Future podcast, Dr. Jonathan Wells brings to light some interesting information (no pun intended) about the genetic code that is foundational to cellular life. He explains how this specified information, this language, cannot be explained by random mutation and natural selection for the same reason that randomly shaking up a bunch of letters and throwing them out on the floor randomly would not produce a… Read More →Can Darwinism explain the language of life?

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Colson Center President and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet brings to our attention some interesting new research about the uniqueness of life here on earth. Stonestreet cites a recent paper by researchers at Oxford that highlights how life on other planets may not be nearly as likely as many people think. Why is there so much interest, especially in the scientific community, about whether or not there is intelligent life in other parts of the universe? Could it… Read More →Is Life on Earth Unique?

Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

How can Christians speak into the identity conversation? “It’s from the idea of the image of God that we get concepts like human dignity and human value.” — John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview We have entered a cultural moment in which the consequences of the sexual revolution have fully inundated our thoughts, even to the point of changing the cultural perception of what it means to be human. John Stonestreet shares how… Read More →Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter 1 in Dr. Jeff Myers’ new book, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God. Get your copy in the Summit Bookstore! We’re in a Secret Battle We live in a time of war. There are no soldiers in this battle. There are no landing craft, no bombers flying in formation, no artillery emplacements. Yet attacks occur every minute of every day. The battle we’re in is a… Read More →Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

5 False Worldviews

Recently Dr. Jeff Myers wrote an article for, one of the world’s largest online resource libraries for church leaders, volunteers, and staff members. In the article, Dr. Myers outlines the recent Barna-Summit research project that identifies how five opposing worldviews are influencing the church. Every day Christians are engaging in a battle of ideas. These ideas attack us like viruses that can sicken our hearts and minds. Read the full article to see how… Read More →5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

Research by Barna and Summit: Postmodernism and Secularism Influence Today’s Christians

54% of practicing Christians—those who attend church at least monthly and consider their faith very important in their life—have non-biblical perspectives that come from postmodernism, and 29% take some key beliefs from secularism, according to a new study by Barna Group and Summit Ministries. Summit Ministries recently partnered with Barna Group in research designed to gauge how ideas from other worldviews have infected Christians’ beliefs about God and the world around us. Barna has shown… Read More →Research by Barna and Summit: Postmodernism and Secularism Influence Today’s Christians