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The Commie Test

“Am I a communist?” So asks the daughter of legendary screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in the 2015 film, Trumbo. The film is concerned with the events of the 1940s-50s surrounding the Hollywood blacklist. During this controversial period, artists, filmmakers, and screenwriters suspected of having communist affiliations were brought before anti-communist committees. Many were barred from working in their respective industries for having previous ties to the Communist Party. Filmmakers went to other countries to make their… Read More →The Commie Test

Video: Why is socialism attractive?

Why is socialism attractive?

Why is socialism attractive? “Whenever socialism is actually tried, as opposed to simply thought about in a person’s mind, it’s led to poverty, to degradation, and to the destruction of human rights.” — Jay Richards, Senior Fellow, The Discovery Institute A growing number of young people today like the idea of socialism or even identify themselves as Socialists. Jay Richards explains why socialism may seem like a great idea at a shallow level, but when… Read More →Video: Why is socialism attractive?

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Over at BreakPoint, our friend and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet offers an interesting update on the repercussions of the child policies in China. Stonestreet notes that the famous one child limit was raised to a two child limit a few years ago, and now Chinese officials are even trying to incentivize people to have more children. Now that the former fears about population control are subsiding, China is starting to see the serious negative impact that… Read More →Chinese Child Policy Repercussions

Charlottesville Changed Me

Charlottesville Changed Me

Charlottesville. The events unfolded while I was tucked away in a completely silent room recording the audiobook for The Secret Battle of Ideas about God. During a break, the engineer checked his Twitter account and we soberly reviewed what was happening in Virginia. At first the pictures seemed to depict nothing more than a rowdy group of white twenty-something men, looking like spoiled fraternity boys carrying their Tiki torches to a beach party where they would… Read More →Charlottesville Changed Me

Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter 1 in Dr. Jeff Myers’ new book, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God. Get your copy in the Summit Bookstore! We’re in a Secret Battle We live in a time of war. There are no soldiers in this battle. There are no landing craft, no bombers flying in formation, no artillery emplacements. Yet attacks occur every minute of every day. The battle we’re in is a… Read More →Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

5 False Worldviews

Recently Dr. Jeff Myers wrote an article for, one of the world’s largest online resource libraries for church leaders, volunteers, and staff members. In the article, Dr. Myers outlines the recent Barna-Summit research project that identifies how five opposing worldviews are influencing the church. Every day Christians are engaging in a battle of ideas. These ideas attack us like viruses that can sicken our hearts and minds. Read the full article to see how… Read More →5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

Research by Barna and Summit: Competing Worldviews Influence Today’s Christians

Research by Barna and Summit: Competing Worldviews Influence Today’s Christians

Summit Ministries recently partnered with Barna Group in a study to gauge how ideas from other key worldviews have infected Christians’ beliefs about God and the world around us. For over 30 years, Barna has conducted research showing a gap between the beliefs of practicing Christians and the historical understanding of biblical Christianity. This new research sought to identify the source of many nonbiblical ideas infecting Christianity, and found strong agreement among practicing Christians with… Read More →Research by Barna and Summit: Competing Worldviews Influence Today’s Christians

What’s So Bad about Marxism?

Karl Marx

One of the big issues I’ve wrestled with during the Understanding the Times revision is how relevant some of the worldviews we’ve looked at in the past actually are to our own time. Marxism, for example. When I tell people we need to take Marxism seriously as a worldview competitor to Christianity, I get a lot of eye-rolling. Here’s part of my introduction to the chapter, which I intend as a gentle but insistent response to this line of response. 

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