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ADF Wins Religious Liberty Case with Ratio Christi

ADF Wins Religious Liberty Case with Ratio Christi

This week’s episode of The Point by John Stonestreet highlights a religious liberty case in Colorado. Alliance Defending Freedom sued the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs on behalf of Ratio Christi, thus securing their religious liberty on campus. In his book A Free People’s Suicide, Os Guinness talks about the golden triangle of freedom that the founders of America saw as crucial: freedom, which requires virtue; virtue, which requires faith; and faith, which requires freedom.… Read More →ADF Wins Religious Liberty Case with Ratio Christi

Amazon Sells Everything… Or Do They?

Amazon Sells Everything... Or Do They?

Yesterday’s article by Michael Brown at The Stream brings to attention an interesting development about Amazon. Amazon has banned the sale of the book Mohammed’s Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam. Brown quotes Robert Spencer, who has authored his own scholarly works critiquing the Koran, who says that the banned book “endeavors to illustrate how violent jihadists justify their actions by referring to Islamic texts and teachings—and that’s all. [The authors] call for no violence. Their… Read More →Amazon Sells Everything… Or Do They?

Jefferson Misinterpreted

Jefferson Misinterpreted

Founder of Stand Strong Ministries and Summit faculty member Jason Jimenez brings to light some fascinating historical insight to the discussion surrounding the separation of church and state in a recent article on his website. He shows that the phrase “separation of church and state” actually first came from Christians who were concerned that the government would become overly involved in their business. The point here was to protect the church from the influence and pressure of… Read More →Jefferson Misinterpreted

Video: Standing Firm When Your Faith Comes Under Attack

Stand Firm Masterpiece Cackshop

Standing Firm When Your Faith Comes Under Attack In our current cultural climate, there has been quite a bit of discussion about legal issues in regards to same-sex marriage and religious freedom. In this panel discussion, Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, and Jeremy Tedesco, who serves as senior counsel and vice president of U.S. Advocacy and Administration for the Alliance Defending Freedom, discuss the story and the questions behind the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil… Read More →Video: Standing Firm When Your Faith Comes Under Attack

Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

Please watch this urgent video message from our President, Dr. Jeff Myers, about this incredible controversy. At Summit, we believe that strong Christian leaders must always stand up for truth, and at times difficult decisions must be made to preserve what is right. This injustice is yet another lie from culture. Read full press release People have asked about the financial impact of leaving California. It’s not cheap. Many California families are financially-strapped and I’ve committed… Read More →Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

John Stonestreet on Supreme Court appointee

Over at BreakPoint our friend and Summit faculty member, John Stonestreet, weighed in today on the appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and addressed several important worldview concerns, including legal philosophy, the rule of law, the sanctity and dignity of human life, euthanasia, religious liberty, and abortion, all topics on which Judge Gorsuch appears to hold conservative views. Obviously, from a Christian worldview perspective, the makeup of the Supreme Court and who… Read More →John Stonestreet on Supreme Court appointee

Episode 15: Religious Freedom on College Campuses

Campus Preparation

In the first of a summer-long series of interviews, Aaron Atwood sits down with Dr. Mike Adams to talk about the threats to religious freedom at colleges and universities, and how Christian students can respond.

Focusing on a recent case centered on Christian apologetics ministry Ratio Christi, Dr. Adams explains the history of the current religious liberties conflict and what it means for religious freedom on campuses across the U.S. 

Read More →Episode 15: Religious Freedom on College Campuses

Terminating Religious Liberty in California

Terminating Religious Liberty in California

The California state government has just ordered two Catholic colleges to cover abortions in their healthcare plans for employees, or face discrimination charges. The war over terms like “discrimination and “neutrality” should catch Christians’ eyes. Sexual liberty has in many cases replaced religious liberty as America’s “new first freedom.”  

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Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed

Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed

It’s been nearly two years since Iran native and U.S. citizen Saeed Abedini was sentenced to prison in Tehran for ministering to orphans. His wife is calling Christians worldwide this Friday to unite in prayer for her husband on the anniversary of his imprisonment. Despite a petition to the United Nations, European Union, and Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights calling for Abedini’s release, the Iranian Shia government has not responded.  

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