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Transgender Research Not Welcome

Transgender Research Not Welcome

Colson Center President John Stonestreet brings up an interesting piece of research by Dr. Lisa Littman, a professor in behavioral and social sciences at Brown University. Dr. Littman determined that the number of people who identify themselves as transgender has gone up drastically in recent years, especially in friend groups that have already experienced one member identify as transgender. It seems, based on her research, that this increase is more like a trend used to cope with… Read More →Transgender Research Not Welcome

John Stonestreet on U.S. Soccer Boycott

U.S. Soccer Boycott

Over at BreakPoint our friend and Summit faculty member, John Stonestreet, weighed in today on a controversy surrounding Jaelene Hinkle, a Christian soccer player who decided not to participate in an event last year in which the U.S. national team wore rainbow gay-pride jerseys. This year Hinkle has come back to the team, and LGBT activists are calling on fans to boycott U.S. matches for promoting homophobia. As Christians, we must understand that our culture… Read More →John Stonestreet on U.S. Soccer Boycott

Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

In today’s culture students are looking for meaning but also community. Many fear that standing for the truth of a biblical worldview will leave them isolated and alone. That’s where Summit came to the rescue of Rayann, a student attending Summit’s first session of the summer. Rayann was recently adopted by a Christian family and surrendered her life to Jesus. Hoping to spend time “alone with Jesus” this summer, she discovered Summit through an internet… Read More →Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

Please watch this urgent video message from our President, Dr. Jeff Myers, about this incredible controversy. At Summit, we believe that strong Christian leaders must always stand up for truth, and at times difficult decisions must be made to preserve what is right. This injustice is yet another lie from culture. Read full press release People have asked about the financial impact of leaving California. It’s not cheap. Many California families are financially-strapped and I’ve committed… Read More →Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

How can Christians speak into the identity conversation? “It’s from the idea of the image of God that we get concepts like human dignity and human value.” — John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview We have entered a cultural moment in which the consequences of the sexual revolution have fully inundated our thoughts, even to the point of changing the cultural perception of what it means to be human. John Stonestreet shares how… Read More →Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

Pandora’s Argument: Why Justified ‘Gay Marriage’ Justifies Anything

Pandora's Argument: Why Justified 'Gay Marriage' Justifies Anything

Whether it’s polygamy, sexual relationships between relatives, polyamory, or even bestiality, a floodgate of new sexual “orientations” has opened up, each of them enjoying the eager support of avant-garde journalists and entertainers. The coverage of this diverse collection of sexual preferences follows a familiar path blazed decades ago by LGBT activists and laid out in some books. 

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Puritanical Feminism

Puritanical Feminism

Has the sexual revolution come full circle? That’s been the subject of several editorials in conservative publications of late, whose authors observe a marked shift in progressive rhetoric about the hookup scene, particularly on college campuses. Writers like Heather Mac Donald in The Weekly Standard note that censures and policy changes in schools around the country display a radically new attitude toward casual encounters between students. 

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Pedophilia: Crime, Disorder, or Orientation?

Pedophilia: Crime, Disorder, or Orientation?

A spate of articles proposing we rethink our view on pedophilia offers insight into how our culture has become accustomed to dealing with sexual deviance. This issue presents unique challenges to Christians because it forces us to hold several scriptural imperatives in harmony. We must recognize in our culture the degradation Paul described in Romans 1. 

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