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Jefferson Misinterpreted

Jefferson Misinterpreted

Founder of Stand Strong Ministries and Summit faculty member Jason Jimenez brings to light some fascinating historical insight to the discussion surrounding the separation of church and state in a recent article on his website. He shows that the phrase “separation of church and state” actually first came from Christians who were concerned that the government would become overly involved in their business. The point here was to protect the church from the influence and pressure of… Read More →Jefferson Misinterpreted

Love Never Fails

Agape Love Never Fails

How Jesus Meets Our Hearts’ Deepest Longing Above all else, the human heart cries out to know, Am I loved? We’re hardwired for intimacy. Our experience with love forms our desires, our characters, and our core identities. Our love shapes our lives. We are designed to give and receive love, yet many of us feel deprived of it. Famished, our hunger for affection tempts us to settle for less than the best or put up… Read More →Love Never Fails

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Is Life on Earth Unique?

Colson Center President and Summit faculty member John Stonestreet brings to our attention some interesting new research about the uniqueness of life here on earth. Stonestreet cites a recent paper by researchers at Oxford that highlights how life on other planets may not be nearly as likely as many people think. Why is there so much interest, especially in the scientific community, about whether or not there is intelligent life in other parts of the universe? Could it… Read More →Is Life on Earth Unique?

Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager

Old Testament Reliability

Summit speaker Sean McDowell offers a few thoughts on the Old Testament after reading Dennis Prager’s The Rational Bible. Prager and McDowell seem to agree that there are a many characteristics of the Torah that show its originality, reliability, and divine origin. These characteristics include new theological ideas such as a universal God (as opposed to the local deities of individual people groups), a God who is moral and beyond nature, and universal human value. Additionally, there are a… Read More →Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager

John Stonestreet on U.S. Soccer Boycott

U.S. Soccer Boycott

Over at BreakPoint our friend and Summit faculty member, John Stonestreet, weighed in today on a controversy surrounding Jaelene Hinkle, a Christian soccer player who decided not to participate in an event last year in which the U.S. national team wore rainbow gay-pride jerseys. This year Hinkle has come back to the team, and LGBT activists are calling on fans to boycott U.S. matches for promoting homophobia. As Christians, we must understand that our culture… Read More →John Stonestreet on U.S. Soccer Boycott

American Freedoms

American Freedoms

American Freedoms: Why Religious and Economic Freedom are Essential to National Prosperity There are a lot of things to keep track of when trying to be an informed American citizen. On this Independence Day, we celebrate the rights and freedoms that we have as citizens in one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Take a look at the following articles from the Summit archives that discuss the religious and economic freedoms that have propelled… Read More →American Freedoms

“Summit has set in motion what is to come in my life”

Mikaela had heard about Summit over a year before stepping on campus in Manitou Springs, CO. As a budding Marketing and Journalism student at Dordt College, Mikaela loves writing and connecting with people.    “I think really, during my freshman year (in college), I have had more of a secular worldview than I had originally thought. And coming to Summit, I have really learned how the Christian conservative worldview is so true. Even though I… Read More →“Summit has set in motion what is to come in my life”

A Spiritual Confusion Plaguing Christians

Remember, a few weeks ago, when TV host Joy Behar implied that Vice President Mike Pence was mentally ill because he said that Jesus talks to him? Dr. Jeff addresses the spiritual confusion that does, in fact, plague many Christians. Watch the video to find out more about Dr. Myers’ thoughts and what we at Summit are doing about it. Register for a student conference session today! The Spring Special ends soon! Spring Special Deadline! Register Now

Spiritual Strength Can Be Deadly…

Is your faith fearless and confident?  Summit Ministries prepares students to face ideas that they will encounter in the classroom and the residence hall. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people. It targeted the strong, not the weak. People whose bodies were strong but whose immune systems were unprepared for an attack. That’s what is happening to Christian young adults. They need to be inoculated to false worldviews so they can stand for the truth. Two… Read More →Spiritual Strength Can Be Deadly…

Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

Please watch this urgent video message from our President, Dr. Jeff Myers, about this incredible controversy. At Summit, we believe that strong Christian leaders must always stand up for truth, and at times difficult decisions must be made to preserve what is right. This injustice is yet another lie from culture. Read full press release People have asked about the financial impact of leaving California. It’s not cheap. Many California families are financially-strapped and I’ve committed… Read More →Dr. Jeff Myers: A Message About California Student Conference

California Bill Banning Biblical Views on Sexual Identity Forces Christian Group to Cancel Young Adult Conference

California Bill Banning Biblical Views on Sexual Identity Forces Christian Group to Cancel Young Adult Conference

California Bill Banning Biblical Views on Sexual Identity Forces Christian Group to Cancel Young Adult Conference Summit Ministries’ president calls AB2943 “the most blatant chilling of free speech in America in my lifetime” while announcing removal of Biola University worldview training from schedule COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One of the nation’s leading organizations helping Christian teens and young adults apply their faith to everyday living has been forced to cancel a planned conference in California… Read More →California Bill Banning Biblical Views on Sexual Identity Forces Christian Group to Cancel Young Adult Conference

Two Types of Students – Which are You?

“At Summit, we have two types of students–students who have unanswered questions…and students who have unquestioned answers.” –Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit President “If we just think we have it all together because we’ve been in church and Sunday School all of their lives, we are actually in greater danger” –Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit President You may have a lot of questions, and we desire to help you answer those. But at Summit, we also challenge students… Read More →Two Types of Students – Which are You?