Worldview Chart

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Biblical Christianity Islam Secularism Marxism New Spirituality Postmodernism
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Source Bible Qur’an, Hadith, Sunnah Humanist Manifesto I, II & III Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao MacLaine, Spangler, Chopra, Walsch Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, Rorty
Theology Trinitarian Monotheism Monotheism Atheism Atheism Pantheism Theological Suspicion
Philosophy Dualism Dualism Naturalism & Materialism Dialectical Materialism Spiritual Monism Anti-Realism
Ethics Agape Divine Command Theory Moral Relativism or Utilitarianism Proletariat Morality Karma Cultural Relativism
Biology Special Creation  Special Creation Neo-Darwinian Evolution Punctuated Equilibrium Spiritual Evolution Anti-Essentialism
Psychology Mind/Body Dualism (Fallen) Mind/Body Dualism (un-fallen) Mind/Body Monism (Self-Actualization) Mind/Body Monism (Classical Conditioning) Mind/Body Monism (Fourth Force) Decentered Self
Sociology Sphere Sovereignty Ummah Personal Autonomy Proletariat Society Collective Consciousness Social Construction
Law Natural Law Shariah Law Legal Positivism Proletariat Law Self-Law Critical Legal Studies
Politics Subsidiarity Islamic Theocracy Progressivism Statism Autarchy Political Pessimism or Liberalism
Economics Biblical Stewardship Shariah Economics Economic Interventionism Socialism Universal Enlightened Production  Economic Interventionism
History Redemptive Narrative Pan-Islam Social Progress Historical Materialism Evolutionary Godhood Historical Revisionism