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For over five decades, Summit has provided worldview and Bible curriculum for Christian schools. Summit believes it is critically important to teach the rising generation of students to understand the times with God’s Word as their guide. Biblical worldview curriculum trains students with a foundation of wisdom and knowledge for today’s unique challenges.

As a leading Christian school curriculum publisher, Summit is proud to unveil new revisions to our popular worldview curriculum. We also provide professional development materials for teachers and administrators in worldview and mentoring fields.

Summit has invested in the finest educators, editors, and illustrators to provide the highest quality biblical worldview resources available. Join us as we equip teachers to integrate the Bible into all areas of our students’ hearts and minds!

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High School Worldview Test

Worldview Checkup for Students

How do you know if you are effectively instilling a Christian worldview within the hearts and minds of your high school students? Summit’s biblical worldview test gives you the tool to identify the non-Christian beliefs and ideas influencing your school. This worldview quiz is based on Summit’s 55+ years of innovative worldview training and extensive research.

Through this high school assessment, educators can identify the non-Christian ideas influencing the hearts and minds of your students. The Worldview Checkup for Students gives educators a clear picture of what students in your school actually think. With a better understanding of what your students believe, you can guard against the non-Christian ideas infecting your school. The Christian worldview quiz is available in both a long and short version at no cost.

Christian School Version | Individual Version

High School Bible Curriculum

Understanding the Times

Understanding the Times Curriculum Series

For over 55 years, Summit has provided an unparalleled, dynamic worldview educational experience for Christian high schools. Newly revised and updated, the Understanding the Times series provides bible curriculum for high school. The series outlines the differences between Christianity and other prominent worldviews vying for allegiance in Western culture. The five other worldviews include Islam, postmodernism, secularism, Marxism, and new Spirituality.

With more than half of all Christians abandoning their faith in college, students must be able to defend God’s Word. No other high school Bible curriculum so effectively prepares young believers to defend a Christian worldview against other belief systems. With updated resources and digital revisions, Understanding the Times is the most dynamic worldview experience available today.

Paper Christian School Version | Digital Christian School Version
Paper Homeschool Version | Digital Homeschool Version

Middle School Bible Curriculum


Lightbearers is designed to help middle school students clearly understand the tenets of the Christian worldview. This middle school bible curriculum equips students to understand how Christianity compares to the leading non-Christian worldviews of our day. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life. Categories include theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, politics, economics, and history.

This one or two-semester video-based Bible curriculum for middle school is complete with daily lesson plans, projects, resources, and quizzes. The apologetics curriculum outlines all the information needed to successfully teach worldview in either your home or school.

Christian School Version | Homeschool Version

Elementary School Bible Curriculum

Building on the Rock

Building on the Rock lays the groundwork of worldview education for the youngest students. This innovative elementary school Bible curriculum is the first truly integrated biblical worldview and Bible survey course of its kind.

Through Summit’s Bible curriculum for elementary school, students learn the Bible through the worldview perspective of creation, fall, and redemption. They also learn to view the world through the distinct relationships God created: our relationship with the Creator, with each other, with ourselves, and with his creation. The latest revisions for Building on the Rock make this course even easier to teach with colorful, fun lessons that are crafted for all learning styles.

Christian School Version | Homeschool Version

What We Believe Bible Curriculum Set for HomeschoolWhat We Believe

Summit’s homeschool Bible series is designed to help children discern the truth by using God’s Word as a lens to view the world. Students will learn to see everything the way God sees it in contradiction to the way the world presents ideas.

This first-of-its-kind, family-inclusive Christian worldview curriculum introduces young people, ages 6–14, to the basic truths of Christianity. Written in conjunction with Apologia, the multi-grade curriculum emphasizes thoughtful notebooking assignments and Bible interaction. Whole families find it easy to use and is an ideal elementary homeschool Bible curriculum for young believers. Written to students, each lesson is presented in a conversational style that makes God’s Word exciting and memorable.

Homeschool Version

Professional Development Curriculum

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God

According to Barna Group research, fewer than 20% of Christians have a biblical worldview. When it comes to key foundational beliefs about God, Jesus, Satan, salvation, and the Bible, 4 out 5 Christians reject the church’s orthodox teachings. Instead, Barna found that most Christians accept ideas fundamental to secularism, Marxism, Islam, new spirituality, and postmodernism. All of which are worldviews that vehemently oppose Scripture.

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is Summit’s newest professional development curriculum. It is designed to help educators instill a Christian worldview into the hearts and minds of an entire school. School administrators and teachers will earn CEUs as they are introduced to the concept of worldview thinking. Participants will also examine the dominant non-Christian ideas that many believers have adopted today.

Christian School Version | Church and Small Group Version

The Cultivate Project

When educators flourish in their relational skills, it leads to verifiable improvements in student spiritual, personal, academic, and social growth.

The Cultivate Project equips educators to bridge the ever-widening generation gap and infuse a mentoring mindset into your school’s DNA. The professional development curriculum will spark students’ spiritual growth, personal motivation, academic engagement, and positive social interaction. Anchored by the book, Cultivate, the curriculum consists of 14 sessions following an application-focused DVD format. Teachers will learn valuable mentoring skills and can earn 2 educational or biblical studies CEU credits through ACSI and ILCS. Educators can also earn 14 contact hours through AACS and FACCS.

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