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Summit Ministries helps young adults think critically about the Christian faith, so they can own what they believe, then live it with courage and conviction. Through Powered by Summit Ministries, we bring Christian apologetics and biblical worldview training directly to you. Let us help you equip your group to stand for truth.

Cultivating rising generations to resolutely champion a biblical worldview.

Upcoming Events

SummitCamp at Asbury University
Wilmore, Kentucky

The camp is $400 until March 8, at which time the price will become $450. 

Download Asbury Academic Camp Flyer

Worldview Workshop on Sexuality and Gender
Calvary West in North Carolina

Cost to attend will be $20 per student and $10 for one or both parents in a family.

Summit Resources

Summit Programs

Student Conferences

This two-week experience gives students (ages 16-25) guidance to explore issues that impact their faith.

Summit Basecamp

A live simulcast about issues students face today designed for parents, youth pastors, and educators.

Summit Semester

This fall semester-long program prepares college-aged students for the challenges after high school.