Jesus on the Definition of Marriage

Jesus on the Definition of Marriage

This week’s video by Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason makes an important point about the biblical definition of marriage. Shlemon shows how Jesus confirms, exclusively, the Old Testament view of marriage, thus leaving all other forms of sex and marriage outside the biblical view. Furthermore, Shlemon suggests that it doesn’t make sense to have mixed feelings about Christians and the church and still think Jesus is “cool” on this issue, because the traditional view is Jesus’ view.

Shlemon opens the door to a great strategy for discussing marriage-related issues. If we know Jesus’ view, we can diminish the focus on “my view” or “your view” in pursuit of the correct view. If there’s no correct view there is no reason to argue about it in the first place, so it makes sense to draw attention to the real authority, not just our personal preference.

Frank Turek often makes use of this strategy during Q&A segments on university campuses. As he explains in this video, “It doesn’t matter what I think; I’m not the moral arbiter of the universe. It’s not my morality. If you’re asking me what the Bible says, I’ll tell you.”

This strategy is great to use with Christians, who (largely) agree about the authority of Jesus and the Bible. Surprisingly, though, it can also help in conversations with non-Christians as well. If we can establish reasons why we should put our trust in Jesus, we have a clear explanation of Jesus’ view, as shown by Shlemon.

Is Jesus really God? Is he the moral arbiter of the universe? If so, his view is the one that matters. With these questions, we can easily guide the conversation to the gospel message, which is the most important conversation we can have.

Alan says:

“It’s about one man, with one woman, becoming one flesh, for one lifetime. That’s Jesus’ view.”