Jason Jimenez on Transgender Ideology

Listen in as Jason Jimenez and Aaron Klemm have a conversation about transgender ideology. This discussion is to help equip, inform, and encourage parents in particular, who are in a unique position to speak into their children’s identity.

Jason Jimenez

Jason Jimenez is the founder of STAND STRONG Ministries. He is a pastor, apologist and national speaker who has ministered to families for nearly twenty years. The three groups Jason primarily focuses on are: parents, millennials, and pastors leading churches. Jason is a worldview expert that specializes in cultural, philosophical, theological, and religious issues. Jason has authored several books including Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home. Jason travels and speaks in churches all over America. Jason and his wife, Celia, live in Charlotte, NC with their four beautiful children.