The Darkness of the Transgenderism Movement

The Darkness of the Transgenderism Movement

This week’s article by Tom Gilson at The Stream makes a thought-provoking point about the nature of the transgenderism movement. Tom points out, by reference to C.S. Lewis’ classic book The Silver Chair, that in fantasy novels it is the wicked witch or wizard who abuses power to execute mind control. While Tom points out that the magic isn’t real, the abuse of power to control thinking is what makes the witches and wizards evil, and that is exactly what is taking place in the transgenderism movement. The examples provided in Tom’s article make it clear that this strategy has become acceptable in the movement, if not commonplace.

There seems to be a striking cultural double standard. On the whole, Christians and non-Christians alike reject the street preachers who hold signs saying things like “God hates gays” or “Repent or burn.” We understand that using freedom of speech in this way is at best a bad evangelism strategy, and at worst a false, hateful sentiment that actually turns people away. We’re certainly not promoting this strategy to make it more common than it already is.

Many in the transgenderism movement are making a strikingly similar rhetorical move, but with the power and support of the politically correct agenda. Why is it bad for Christians to ostracize those who disagree, but it’s normal for transgender activists to do the same thing? Perhaps it’s not a good strategy for anyone.

Tom says:

“If such magic existed it would be a dark power; but power is not made dark by the kind of power it is, but by the way it is used: to bend others to one’s will. There is no magic in the transgender movement’s reality-shifting efforts, but there is plenty of darkness. We must not submit to that evil.”