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Who Are Our Heroes?

Who Are Our Heroes?

This recent article on The Stream by Eric Metaxas hits home some interesting points about manhood. Metaxas thinks through a time a few months ago when Kanye West spoke from the Oval Office about his own family experiences that have lacked “male energy.” Metaxas discusses how the concepts of male and female have been deconstructed so much by culture, conjoined with the many fatherless households across the country, has left countless individuals longing for a… Read More →Who Are Our Heroes?

When You Love Someone . . . and when You Don’t

According to one source, every 13 seconds someone in the United States files for divorce.1 Though the divorce rate has been declining for years, about 50% of children will still see their parents getting divorced in their lifetime.2 These statistics are devastating and should be cause for lament. Of course, the effect on the man and woman is terrible, but children also experience great pain, confusion, and heartache when their parents separate. While giving music… Read More →When You Love Someone . . . and when You Don’t

Teaching Your Kids to Think

Teaching Kids to Think

This article by Tim Barnett offers parents a creative, engaging way to start teaching their children to think critically. Tim discusses how he watches a video from PragerU with his oldest daughter every night before bed, because their captivating, bite-sized content can really be a catalyst for interesting conversations. As Tim notes, this strategy may not work for every kid, but it’s one potential way to start engaging the minds of your kids from a young… Read More →Teaching Your Kids to Think

‘Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth’: The Benefits of Marrying Young

Marrying Young

What’s the best practical advice a parent, teacher, or pastor can give a 20-something today? According to one researcher, telling him or her not to hold off on marriage is a good place to start. Despite cultural pressure for millennials to put off matrimony and “take advantage” of their 20s, W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project, says the science tells a different story. 

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The Consequences of Putting Off Marriage, for Christians and for Culture

The Consequences of Putting Off Marriage, for Christians and for Culture

More young Americans than ever are kicking cans down the road instead of dragging them from their bumpers. In other words, they’re putting off marriage for ever longer periods of time, creating long-term problems for those who don’t wait to have sex and lengthening temptation for those who do wait, especially 20-something Christians. How can the body of Christ support young couples and those in their 20s who are single?  

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The State of Our Marriages

State of Marriage

It’s no secret that marriage in America is floundering. Whether it’s divorce, cohabitation, or unfaithfulness, corrosive influences throughout the culture are leaving fewer intact, healthy marriages all the time. But what can couples who’ve already tied the knot or who plan to do to increase their likelihood of success? To answer that, we need to understand how this situation developed. 

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Singling Out the Problem

Singling Out the Problem

New data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in Bloomberg last week shows that singles now make up the majority of adults in the U.S. population. About 125 million Americans, or 50.2 percent of those over the age of 16, are single, up from 37.4 percent in 1976. The uptick in lifelong singleness is just another symptom of this culture’s exchange of God’s social design for an artificial one. 

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Subculture Breeds Weak Immunity

Subculture Breeds Weak Immunity

Findings from the Public Religion Research Institute suggest that the best way for conservative Evangelical parents to reinforce their values in their kids is to get them out of Evangelical subculture and expose them to unfamiliar people and beliefs. Nazworth of The Christian Post suggests that these counterintuitive findings may tell us a lot about what some have called the “Christian bubble”.  

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