The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 3 – Steve Deace

When Life Goes from “Crash and Burn” to the Blaze
Guest: Steve Deace

Steve Deace is a firebrand on BlazeTV, relentlessly defending Christians the media wants to silence for holding to their historical faith. Hear how Deace escaped abortion as a baby, escaped a bookie as an adult, and escaped the consequences of his sin when he encountered Jesus Christ.

About Steve Deace 

Steve Deace is a columnist and broadcaster for The Blaze. Also a freelance contributor to various publications, including USA Today, Washington Times, Townhall. He is a former nationally-syndicated radio host with the Salem Radio Network. Steve has worked for and covered numerous political campaigns ranging from local school board all the way to president of the United States.

Deace’s first job was as a sports reporter for The Des Moines Register. He then hosted a sports talk show on WHO (AM), discussing politics in the off-seasons. Deace now hosts The Steve Deace Show, formerly on Conservative Review Television, and now on Blaze TV since the merger of those two companies. He also co-hosted We Talk Sports on Blaze TV with former professional baseball player Curt Schilling.