The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 2 – Becket Cook

Summit Ministries

Career-Ending Conversion and the Joy it’s Brought
Guest: Becket Cook

Meet Becket Cook, who found Hollywood success as a writer, actor, and production designer who traveled the world, living the life many of us have only dreamed of. All of that changed when a chance coffee shop encounter led to his radical transformation as he encountered Jesus, left homosexuality, and lost his career in the process. Listen to his redemptive story as he challenges our culture’s prevailing narrative on sexuality and real freedom offered in Christ.

About Becket Cook

Becket spends much of his time in ministry speaking at churches, universities, and conferences helping believers (and non-believers) understand this issue biblically, theologically, culturally, and personally. Balancing grace and truth when teaching on this subject is of primary importance. His goal is to challenge the current cultural narrative about sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular by demonstrating through his personal testimony and biblical truths
that, yes, homosexuality is still a sin, and that following Christ is infinitely more satisfying and joyous.

He has lived all over the world in major cities such as Rome, Vienna, and Tokyo.

Becket graduated from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in 2017 with a Master of Arts in Theology.

Becket’s book, A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption, with a foreword by Francis Chan, published
by Thomas Nelson, released July 30, 2019. Becket is also the host of “The Becket Cook Show” on YouTube.