The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 4 – Linda Smith

Summit Ministries

How to Fight Slavery Today

Linda Smith served as a U.S. Congresswoman before an alarming call led to her encounter with countless sex trafficking victims, leading her to form Shared Hope International. Dr. Jeff and Linda also discuss how those addicted to pornography may effectively be enslaving people they have never met, and how to get help.

About Linda Smith

Linda Smith is a leader in the global movement to end sex trafficking. In 1998, while serving in the U.S. Congress, Linda traveled to a notorious brothel district in India where the hopeless faces of women and children forced into prostitution compelled Linda to found Shared Hope International. Linda is the primary author of From Congress to the Brothel and Renting Lacy and co-author of The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the DEMAND. Report. Linda has testified before Congress, presented at national and international forums, and has been published in news outlets and journals. Linda served as a Washington State legislator (1983-93) before she was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1994.