The activity waivers can be found here.  

Off Campus


  • Shiloh National Military Battlefield
  • National Civil Rights Museum (Memphis TN)
  • Canoe/Tubing on the Buffalo River TN $30
  • Tennessee Safari Park $20
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park $20
  • Service Projects: Another way to spend an enjoyable afternoon during Summit is engaging in several opportunities to serve the community. A recent addition to Summit’s program in Tennessee is the opportunity to take the ideas talked about at Summit and put them into action – serving the community that students are placed in for two weeks.

On Campus

  • Performance Night: A tradition of the Tennessee Summit is the famous performance night. Bring your instruments, funny or unique talents, skits, etc. and try out for this exciting evening. Just to be honest – it IS hard to land a spot in this show!
  • If the outdoors aren’t your thing, students can discuss the day’s lectures, you are welcome to choose indoor activities or play instruments during free time. (Feel free to bring your instruments to Summit. Those that can easily fit in a dorm room!) Union has two lovely coffee shops on site! There is also a library on campus.