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Can I request my roommate?

If you would like to request a roommate for your session, you can do this during the registration process.

Is there a wait list for sessions?

Yes, we do have wait lists! If you create an application in our registration portal you can select any session. You will then automatically be added to the corresponding wait lists with no need to make a payment. If a seat becomes available, you will be emailed immediately with a time-sensitive link to accept and pay for the available seat.

Medical Information

Are vaccines mandatory for students, staff, and faculty during the in-person sessions?

COVID-19 vaccines are not mandatory for Student Conference attendance.

What happens if someone tests positive for a contagious illness?

In the event of an illness – including COVID-19 – the Summit healthcare team will quarantine, confirm, respond, and, if necessary, isolate the impacted student or staffer. Of course, we will communicate with family members, and strive to handle any positive cases with compassion, care, and concern.

What is being done to ensure the safety of my student during their session?

All staff, students, and guests of Summit will be required to wear a Summit lanyard. Our staff is highly aware of who is coming and going in the classroom and interacting with students.

Is there medical staff onsite during the two-week conference?

YES, medical staff is always onsite. This year we have strengthened our team to include RNs. With new procedures in place to monitor students to ensure their safety and well-being, you can be confident that students will be cared for by highly trained professionals.

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Financial Information

Summer Conference Pricing

Select a session and reserve your seat for only $195

Select a session and reserve your seat for only $95

Financial Assistance

In 2023, 457 students received over $417,929 in financial assistance. The average amount of financial assistance given per student in 2023 was over $800. 

Financial assistance is available based on each student’s financial need. Please review the  Financial Assistance Overview Document. Limited funds are available. Here are the steps to apply for financial aid:

  1. Create an account
  2. Complete the application up to the “Payment” tab
  3. Within the “Payment” tab, press “Click Here” under the “Request Financial Assistance” header, fill out the form that pops up, and hit “Submit” at the bottom (you may have to scroll)

Once submitted, our financial assistance panel will review your application within 3-5 business days and email you with their decision. An award of financial assistance does not secure your seat. Only the $195 deposit locks in your spot.

Refund Policy

In-Person & Online Student Conference Refund Policy Cancellation requests must be sent to registration@summit.org.

The $195 deposit for in-person and $95 deposit for online are non-refundable. A full refund (including deposit) will be provided for cancellation due to extenuating circumstances (severe illness, death in the family, etc.) though documentation will be required. In all other cases, all funds besides the deposit can be refunded as long as the request is received at least 23 days before the session start date.

Session Cancellation Policy

If we are forced to cancel a session while it is ongoing, we will give a prorated refund based on the amount paid for the session and the amount of time remaining in the session.

For example, in 2022, we had to cancel a session early because of COVID that was only 75% complete, so we refunded families 25% of the amount they paid.

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College Scholarships

Students have the opportunity to get grants and scholarships from 18 christian colleges across the United States. When a student graduates from a Student Conference, they become eligible to receive scholarships through the colleges. Explore the colleges