Summit isn’t just about classes; during our free time, we spend lots of time outside and adventuring! Every afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. Several of those afternoons you will have the option to play soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and ultimate Frisbee.

Sunday – Students will have the option to take a trip to downtown Philadelphia and spend the day exploring the amazing historical sites.

The activity waivers can be found here.  


    • Indoor: If the outdoors aren’t your thing, students can discuss the day’s lectures or play guitars (Feel free to bring your instruments to Summit — at least those that can easily fit in a dorm room!) on Lancaster’s beautiful campus during the afternoon.
    • Performance NightBring your instruments, funny or unique talents, skits,m etc. and try out for this exciting evening.


    • Canoeing/Tubing: Along Pequea Creek
    • Spooky Nook Sports: is the largest indoor sports complex in North America! We will be spending some of our free time at Spooky Nook playing anything from volleyball to rock climbing etc. $41
    • Refreshing Mountain: Ropes Course $77