Don’t worry, a Summit Conference is not all work! There will also be a wide range of fun activities for you to choose from. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons we’ll have an organized “Sports Time,” when we’ll go to a huge grassy park nearby and have all sorts of outdoor recreation for you to join in on including soccer, volleyball, flag football, basketball, tennis and ultimate Frisbee along with 200 other students and staff! There are also nice hiking or running trails there and great shade trees if you’d just like to relax and read a book, take a nap, spend time talking with friends, etc. (here’s one of those times the guitar comes in handy). We will also have 2 cookouts at this same park.

Optional afternoon activities/excursions as an alternative to free time include:

First Friday afternoon

Middle Sunday

  • Pikes Peak Hike: We will leave the Summit hotel at 6:00 AM and drive about 45 minutes to the trailhead at The Crags, where we’ll ascend and conquer Devil’s Playground! The trail climbs 6.3 miles up the “backside” of Pikes Peak, ascending 4,200 vertical feet to an altitude of 14,110 feet at the summit! It takes 3–4 hours to hike, and Summit vans will wait at the top to shuttle hikers back down.
    The Pikes Peak Hike is operated by under a special use permit from the Pike National Forest.
    Summit Ministries is an equal opportunity provider and employer. (Cost: $15; Limit: 37 students)
  • Enjoy Whitewater Rafting with Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting, ministry leaders in the rafting industry since 1983, for a 10 mile trip down the Arkansas River. Rapids are mostly class 2 and 3, so if you want to see and enjoy Colorado, this activity is for you! Cost: $110, Limit: 80 students.
  • Outdoor Rock Climbing at Garden of the Gods (4-5 hours): Shoes and harness included. Cost: $75.
  • Zipline across several canyons of Manitou Springs with Adventures Out West! Cost: $85. (Limit of 24 students.)

Second Monday

Second Friday afternoon

  • Visit the Focus on the Family headquarters where you can see the radio broadcast taping room, bookstore and Visitor Center, which includes Whit’s End and a 3-story slide. Cost: Free. Limit: 45 students.

The activity waivers can be found here.