The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 85 – Matt Jones

Summit Ministries

Matt Jones, who teaches the Bible at Colorado Christian University, offers ways to explore the Bible to form our character and faith and engage the world with its amazing story.

About Matt

Dr. Matt Jones’ experience as a student at a Christian Liberal Arts institution was transformational for his faith, life, and future. Many of those transforming moments occurred as a result of staff and faculty investment in and outside of the classroom. Realizing the roles they had on his life served as an impetus to teach traditional undergraduate students. As a result, not only does Dr. Jones have the opportunity to teach, to engage, and to learn alongside these students, he also has the opportunity to mentor multiple students through intentional relationships for the cause of Christ.

Jones’ completed his Ph.D. by examining the humanity of Jesus in Matthew and is in prayerful and practical consideration of how to be a good steward of this degree. When not serving students, or teaching, or engaging in community and church, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, Cathy, and kids, Hannah, Tyler, and Mackenzie. If there’s any time remaining, Dr. Jones likes to run and play golf.