The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 80 – John Amanchukwu

Summit Ministries

Pastor John Amanchukwu reveals the racist foundations of Critical Race Theory and abortion, and brings us back to the world-transforming call of God to love our neighbors as ourselves.

About John

John is a graduate of North Carolina State University, where he played football under Coach Chuck Amato. John received a master’s degree from Liberty University in Christian Ministry. Among other accomplishments, on the local and national level, he has served as the leader of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and has been a youth pastor for fifteen years. Over the past four years, John has led a 40-week prayer walk for Love Life at one of the busiest abortion clinics in the Southeast.

John is a true Southern Preacher calling the next generation to repentance and action. He is married to Crystal, and they have three children. Together as a family, they pray, worship, and serve in their church, the local abortion clinic, and wherever there is a need.