The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 77 – Daniel Spanjer

Summit Ministries

Ever feel like history is boring, or the Old Testament doesn’t pertain to us? Historian Daniel Spanjer explores the overarching themes and concepts in the Bible that lead to Jesus as the hope of the world.

About Daniel Spanjer

Daniel Spanjer graduated from Nyack College with a BA in History and from Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando) with a MA Theology. In April, 2016, he successfully defended his dissertation at the University at Albany, SUNY. He has taught at Nyack College, University at Albany, and is currently the Chair of the Arts and Sciences Department and Professor of History at Lancaster Bible College. He also serves the college as the director of the Alcuin Society, a scholarly organization which serves campus faculty. Dr. Spanjer has published several essays for the new Encyclopedia of Christianity and developing a book for Square Halo Books on the history of the Western Church. Dan is a pilot and has worked as a mechanic, commercial fisherman, grant administrator and golf course greens keeper. He is married to Tara Spanjer and they have three daughters: Meghan, Emily, and Katelyn.