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Persons and Human Beings On February 21, 2019, Dr. Mike Adams debated Dr. Willie Parker discussing “Is abortion a moral right or wrong?”. You can watch a recording of that debate above. What follows is from Summit faculty member and President of Life Training Institute, Scott Klusendorf, weighing in on some of the online discussion after the debate. Distinction Between Persons and Human Beings Many of you have written about abortionist Willie Parker’s distinction between “human beings” and… Read More →Persons and Human Beings

The Invisible Walls of Injustice

Marvel’s cinematic universe has been smashing the box-office since its inception. Almost eleven years later, their films are still going strong. Black Panther, nominated for seven academy awards and winner of three, has been one of their most successful entries so far, bringing in over $700,000,000 domestically for a total gross of over $1,346,000,000 worldwide. This makes it the ninth highest grossing movie of all time. “You were all wrong!”[Spoiler Alert] The story centers around… Read More →The Invisible Walls of Injustice

Does Tolerance Demand Conformity?

Does Tolerance Demand Conformity?

Today’s episode of BreakPoint by John Stonestreet covers an interesting story about Hall of Fame tennis player Martina Navratilova. Stonestreet explains how Navratilova, one of the first famous athletes to come out as gay, was removed from the Athlete Ally advisory board. She said that male athletes being allowed to compete against female athletes because of their trangender identification is “insane,” and after she took more time to consider her view, her views only got… Read More →Does Tolerance Demand Conformity?

The Abortion Debate: Advancing Important Conversation

The Abortion Debate:Advancing Important Conversation

This article by Josh Shepherd at The Stream highlights an interview with Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers, where he discusses the abortion debate that took place this past Thursday between Dr. Mike Adams and Dr. Willie Parker. Dr. Myers discusses how the event came together, his thoughts on the dialogue, and the effectiveness of debates in bringing people of different viewpoints together to discuss important questions. The final point from Dr. Myers should encourage us to… Read More →The Abortion Debate: Advancing Important Conversation

The Rubble or Our Sins?

From his early days of hiding his music and being afraid to perform in front of an audience, Dan Smith and his band, Bastille, have left their mark on the music world. Their most famous song, “Pompeii,” peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014. It’s hard to believe that it is already five years old. The song and its accompanying music video offer us a chance to take a hard look… Read More →The Rubble or Our Sins?

Video: How is a “forensic faith” different?

How is a “forensic faith” different? “You can at least know that the step you are taking is not unreasonable or blind. Instead it is reasonable, based on the evidence.” — J. Warner Wallace, Author and Detective, Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith Detective J. Warner Wallace discusses three ways that we can hold a belief, the last of which is the forensic faith that is most consistent with Christianity. This video is part… Read More →Video: How is a “forensic faith” different?

Free Will or Fate?

Following the shocking anthology series, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and team have produced an interactive film called Bandersnatch. Bouncing off of a concept that has been used in the video game world for some time, the movie allows you to make choices about how the story will turn out as you go along. Every five to ten minutes you are presented with a choice of two ways the story can go. There are multiple pathways… Read More →Free Will or Fate?

Who Are Our Heroes?

Who Are Our Heroes?

This recent article on The Stream by Eric Metaxas hits home some interesting points about manhood. Metaxas thinks through a time a few months ago when Kanye West spoke from the Oval Office about his own family experiences that have lacked “male energy.” Metaxas discusses how the concepts of male and female have been deconstructed so much by culture, conjoined with the many fatherless households across the country, has left countless individuals longing for a… Read More →Who Are Our Heroes?

Video: How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths?

How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths?

How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths? “We enjoy inviting non-Christians into our home, having meals with them, and being authentic with them.” — Kevin Bywater, Director, Oxford Study Centre Kevin Bywater explains how the best way to develop relationships with people of other faiths is to show them hospitality. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the… Read More →Video: How can we develop relationships with people of other faiths?

Blocked in the Black Mirror

An Unsettling “Black Mirror”First airing on Netflix in 2011, Black Mirror is one of the most disturbing shows ever. Each stand-alone episode is set in the uncomfortably near future, exploring the ever-increasing (and often unsettling) role of technology in everyday life. As technology advances at a faster and faster pace in our world, the show raises questions about the ethical use of technology and what happens when technology gets out of control—or rather, when humans… Read More →Blocked in the Black Mirror

Detective Wallace: Connecting Careers and Christianity

Detective Wallace: Connecting Careers and Christianity

This broadcast by J. Warner Wallace builds an interesting, useful framework for understanding the evidence for God’s existence. Wallace discusses a technique for evaluating evidence that he learned in his time as a detective, which he calls the “inside the room game.” He says that in the same way we can look at the evidence left at a crime scene to determine whether or not there was an outside intruder, we can look at the… Read More →Detective Wallace: Connecting Careers and Christianity

Video: Does the scientific community agree that life begins at conception?

Does Life Begin at Conception?

Does the scientific community agree that life begins at conception? “The science of embryology… has said all along that from the very beginning, at conception, what we have is a living, distinct, whole human being.” — Megan Almon, Speaker, Life Training Institute In this video, Megan Almon discusses how the scientific community agrees that life begins at conception, even if pro-choice advocates argue on philosophical grounds that human life in that stage is not yet… Read More →Video: Does the scientific community agree that life begins at conception?

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