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What influences students—the world or the Bible?

Dr. Jeff Myers talks with Word of Life, Multiply podcast host Brian Baker about the keeping young adults engaged in the church. Young adults tend to stay involved in church if the church is giving them a Christian worldview that makes sense of current and future challenges Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they have mentors who show that it is possible to live out a worldview Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they… Read More →What influences students—the world or the Bible?

When Students Graduate from Church

During a recent lecture, Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, spoke to a Barna Research stat, 70% of students drop out of church after graduating high school. When Dr. Jeff ended his talk, a mother pulled him aside to tell him how she lived this out when her son turned 18… Send your student to a signature Summit Conference in one of our four premier locations! Learn More and Register Now Miss Early Bird? You can still… Read More →When Students Graduate from Church

Parents, why should you send your child to Summit?

Cold-case homicide detective and Summit Faculty Member J. Warner Wallace shares how he viewed first-hand the difference Summit made in his youth group students. This is the one ministry that I will make sure to clear my calendar to make sure I am apart of, although I get busy during the year, I want to make sure that I attend every session offered by Summit. In fact, my daughter attended the fourth session in 2015!… Read More →Parents, why should you send your child to Summit?

“Summit Changed my Family and Career”

Jonathan Brush, Lumerit Education, had never attended a Summit Conference — but had a big impact on his life! While studying Philosophy and Religion in college he thought, “I can’t rationally believe this stuff anymore” but couldn’t find it in his heart to release the faith he had attained through his studies. When his wife, a Summit Alumni, introduced Summit’s Worldview Library, Jonathan read the books and something deep inside him shifted. Watch the video… Read More →“Summit Changed my Family and Career”

Video: What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus?

What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus? “Christians have tremendous freedom to talk to Muslims about Jesus. Jesus is the center of our faith; the center of salvation, and that’s what we want to share with Muslims. We can do that because Muslims are required to believe in Jesus.” — Alan Shlemon, Speaker & Author, Stand to Reason The mission field is no longer hundreds of miles away; it is now right outside our… Read More →Video: What does the Muslim faith teach about Jesus?

Brett Kunkle: Facing Doubts as Christians

Brett Kunkle: Facing Doubts as Christians

  70% OF TEENS STOP ATTENDING CHURCH WITHIN ​TWO YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION* HARD CONVERSATIONS ABOUT FAITH ARE INEVITABLE… Preparation is optional. As your student enters life beyond high school, will they be prepared to engage in hard conversations?  Summit’s Student Conferences are designed to help students (ages 16-25) strengthen their faith, understand their world, and to be prepared to make a difference with their lives. What Students Love about Student Conferences… One-on-one mentoring and… Read More →Brett Kunkle: Facing Doubts as Christians

Sean McDowell: Why Students Need Summit

Sean McDowell: Why Students Need Summit

 WATCH YOUR TEEN RISE TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL AS A CHRISTIAN Dr. Sean McDowell, Associate Professor of Apologetics at Biola University, Summit Resident Scholar, and Summit Alumni joined Natasha Crain to answer several questions about his book. Be sure to visit and subscribe to his excellent blog as well for many posts and videos that will help equip you with an understanding of apologetics. To see the entire interview click here. Natasha Crain: Aside from Evidence, you have put… Read More →Sean McDowell: Why Students Need Summit

OneLife Partners with Summit

OneLife is offering to reimburse half of the cost of any Summit Conference in the form of a scholarship to OneLife, equalling $824!  Jimmy Hutchison’s Christian story began when he attended Summit summer conference in Colorado. There, he explored hard topics and saw first hand people who experienced life and how to walk the Christian walk in the midst of everyday life. Watch the video below to hear Jimmy’s story… OneLife institute and Summit’s partnership will help… Read More →OneLife Partners with Summit

Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

How can Christians speak into the identity conversation? “It’s from the idea of the image of God that we get concepts like human dignity and human value.” — John Stonestreet, President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview We have entered a cultural moment in which the consequences of the sexual revolution have fully inundated our thoughts, even to the point of changing the cultural perception of what it means to be human. John Stonestreet shares how… Read More →Video: Changing the Identity Conversation

Summit Vision Casting Event

Summit Vision Casting Event

Join us for a Summit vision casting and equipping experience with Summit Ministries on January 28 and 30 at Fellowship Calvary Downington and Lancaster Bible College. Summit President, Dr. Jeff Myers, will cover relevant topics to strengthen your worldview and deepen your biblical thinking. Free Vision Casting Events in Pennsylvania January 28, Calvary Fellowship Downington For address and times Register Now Lecture 1: How to stand for truth — and be nice at the same time Lecture… Read More →Summit Vision Casting Event

2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

This has been a significant year for Summit! You helped in the expansion of God’s Kingdom in very tangible ways. Take a look below to see some of the ways that God was able to use Summit to reach Christians with exponential impact. We eagerly await what is in store for 2018!

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