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We’re All to Blame

[Spoiler Alert: This article discusses major plot points from the films Wonder Woman and Man of Steel]. Following on the heels of Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy, DC’s extended universe films haven’t exactly had fans or critics raving. The films have been troubled by production difficulties and overly dramatic character changes. (You may remember the fan outrage that occurred when Superman kills Zod at the end of Man of Steel). Breaking from Marvel’s… Read More →We’re All to Blame

Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

On today’s episode of BreakPoint, Colson Center President John Stonestreet discussed a conversation he had with a friend, Joni Eareckson Tada, about her suffering. Joni has been battling cancer for a long time, and she has been wheelchair bound for over 50 years. Joni knows more about suffering than many of us could ever imagine, and she makes it clear that she can see a greater purpose for her suffering in God’s Kingdom. Stonestreet further notes… Read More →Suffering, from a Christian Perspective

Video: How can Christians witness to Muslims?

How to Witness to Muslims

How can Christians witness to Muslims? “Focus on the Gospel, because after all, even if  you convince the Muslim to abandom their views about jihad or about the nature of women, it turns out that their eternal destiny will still be in jeopardy.” — Alan Shlemon, Author and Speaker, Stand to Reason In this video, Alan Shlemon discusses how Christians can witness to Muslims effectively: focus on the Gospel. This video is part of a… Read More →Video: How can Christians witness to Muslims?

“I Liked it Better When My Car Had Sound”

Since their first studio album, Vessel, released in 2013, the band Twenty One Pilots has been tearing up the music scene with their unique sound and deep, introspective lyrics. In a world where most pop songs are about shallow love affairs, Twenty One Pilots has carved out a singular space where they can talk about hard things that people face, like fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, and insecurity. If you’ve listened to their music, you know that… Read More →“I Liked it Better When My Car Had Sound”

Gospel “Contradictions” & Jumping to Conclusions

Gospel Contradictions & Jumping to Conclusions

This article by Sean McDowell makes an interesting point about passages in the gospels that seem to contradict. Sean proposes that many things that seem like contradictions at first glance are meant to challenge us to reflect more deeply on the text. After this reflection, if Sean’s thoughts on John are correct, these passages actually show a deeper purpose of the author that is not contradictory at all. Sean’s guidance, to reflect more deeply on passages… Read More →Gospel “Contradictions” & Jumping to Conclusions

Video: “Why are you a Christian?” A Differentiating Answer

Why are you a Christian?

“Why are you a Christian?” A Differentiating Answer “Now is the time for all of us to take our discretionary income, to take our discretionary time, and put it where it really matters: understanding the evidence for Christianity and getting ready to make the case to others.” — J. Warner Wallace, Detective & Author, Cold Case Christianity and Forensic Faith In this video, detective J. Warner Wallace explains how Christians can differentiate themselves from followers of… Read More →Video: “Why are you a Christian?” A Differentiating Answer

Turing and Truth

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is a crowd and critic favorite, starring in popular roles such as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit trilogy, and Sherlock Holmes in BBC’s extremely popular Sherlock. In 2014, he added another memorable role to his career with his Oscar-nominated portrayal of the troubled genius Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. The film tells the heartrending story of Alan Turing, a British cryptanalyst who… Read More →Turing and Truth

Good Enough for Heaven?

Good Enough for Heaven?

In this month’s RZIM Ask Away Podcast, Vince and Jo Vitale discuss a lot of thought-provoking questions about heaven. How does someone get into heaven? What is heaven? What is the minimum requirement to get into heaven? If Hitler were to repent of his actions on his death bed, would he get into heaven? On one point, Vince and Jo seem to agree that it is not our good or bad actions that are the… Read More →Good Enough for Heaven?

Video: How should Christians handle apparent biblical contradictions?

Handling Apparent Biblical Contradictions

How should Christians handle apparent biblical contradictions? “We’ve got to make sure that we understand not only the context in which the author is intending it, not just understanding the historical ramification… but [are] there other passages of Scripture that maybe speak to this very topic at hand?” — Jason Jimenez, Founder and President, Stand Strong Ministries In this video, Jason Jimenez offers helpful strategies for Christians to consider when interpreting difficult biblical passages. This… Read More →Video: How should Christians handle apparent biblical contradictions?

I’m Jogging!

Over the past nine years, YouTube sensation Julian Smith has entertained audiences with his hilarious short sketches, original music, and wry sense of humor. His channel currently has over 1,800,000 subscribers. He’s gone on to write and direct commercials, as well as beginning a podcast called Spellbound. Sometimes his videos are just crazy, but many of them contain interesting social messages. In this sketch, Julian looks at the addiction people have to the Internet and… Read More →I’m Jogging!

Video: How can Christians begin to engage with and change the culture?

Christians Shaping Culture

How can Christians begin to engage with and change the culture? “We sometimes want to change the world and forget to change our community.” — Jennifer Marshall, Vice President, The Heritage Foundation In this video, Jennifer Marshall highlights the need for local change that often gets overlooked by those of us who are focused on changing the entire world. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the… Read More →Video: How can Christians begin to engage with and change the culture?

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