D-Day: The 75th Anniversary

D-Day: The 75th Anniversary

D-Day: The 75th AnniversaryOn today’s episode of BreakPoint, Eric Metaxas brings us back to an important day on June 6, 1944: “The greatest amphibious invasion in history has begun on the beaches of Normandy, France. As paratroopers leap from their planes and landing craft speed toward the coast, another great battle is being waged at home: a prayer battle, imploring God for victory over the dark forces of fascism.”

Metaxas highlights the historical importance of the battle on D-Day, noting its pivotal role in the war. He also notes how many Americans, urged on by President Roosevelt and other government officials, were serving as prayer warriors on behalf of those who were putting their lives on the line on the beaches of France.

It is crucial that we remember important days like this one. We must never forget what it took to maintain the freedom we have; thousands gave their lives for it on that one day. Remembering what it took to sustain liberty on D-Day should encourage us to take the issue much more seriously today.

Metaxas says:

“We must never forget what the Allies gallantly sacrificed for the world on D-Day. Today—the 75th anniversary of that invasion—we should set aside time to remember what they did. And then we should pray for the safety of our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines who are serving across the globe today—men and women fighting and sacrificing for the freedoms we—and others—enjoy.”