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Is College Still for Knowledge?

Is College Still for Knowledge?

Today’s episode of BreakPoint by John Stonestreet challenges listeners to think seriously about the status of higher education in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Stonestreet argues that higher education is misunderstood on a much deeper level than this particular incident indicates. He discusses how the purpose of college in recent years has been to help students get jobs and make money, without a care for becoming better people. This is not how college… Read More →Is College Still for Knowledge?

Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager

Old Testament Reliability

Summit speaker Sean McDowell offers a few thoughts on the Old Testament after reading Dennis Prager’s The Rational Bible. Prager and McDowell seem to agree that there are a many characteristics of the Torah that show its originality, reliability, and divine origin. These characteristics include new theological ideas such as a universal God (as opposed to the local deities of individual people groups), a God who is moral and beyond nature, and universal human value. Additionally, there are a… Read More →Sean McDowell on the Old Testament & Dennis Prager

American Freedoms

American Freedoms

American Freedoms: Why Religious and Economic Freedom are Essential to National Prosperity There are a lot of things to keep track of when trying to be an informed American citizen. On this Independence Day, we celebrate the rights and freedoms that we have as citizens in one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Take a look at the following articles from the Summit archives that discuss the religious and economic freedoms that have propelled… Read More →American Freedoms

Video: Can we rely on the disciples’ words in the Gospels?

Diciples eyewitness testimony

Can we rely on the disciples’ words in the Gospels? “If you’re looking for an account that’s written by a non-Christian, well you’ve got it; it’s called the gospel of Matthew. Don’t blame him for becoming a Christian after seeing [Jesus’ works].” — Jim Wallace, Speaker and Author of Cold Case Christianity, God’s Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith Many people suggest that we cannot trust the testimony of the disciples recorded in the gospels because they were… Read More →Video: Can we rely on the disciples’ words in the Gospels?

Fact Sheet – Essential Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Enjoy this fact sheet compiled by Summit Ministries, based on the Minimal Facts Approach developed by Gary Habermas of Liberty University. Habermas is recognized as one of the leading experts on the historical record about Jesus and has cataloged the positions of over 3400 publications by New Testament historical scholars and skeptics. You can find detailed notes and bibliographic references on his website. The minimal facts approach concentrates on facts agreed upon by more than… Read More →Fact Sheet – Essential Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Remembering Reagan’s Faith

President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan’s list of accomplishments is long: husband, actor, governor, president, pro-life advocate, the Soviet Union’s great rival — just to name a few prominent examples. But there is another descriptor for Reagan less discussed: Christian. For those who seek to understand who Reagan was, his own letters and journals provide some of the best glimpses of the man of faith behind the legend. 

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America’s Founders: As Goes Religion, So Goes All Freedom

Dr. Jeff Myers

As governmental and social restrictions on religion increase, violent religious persecution and conflict result. That’s the stunning conclusion of a study of religious freedom conducted by Brian J. Grim and Roger Finke and published by Cambridge University Press.

If Grim and Finke are correct, the Obama administration’s indifferent and sometimes hostile attitude toward religious freedom could be setting America on a catastrophic course. 

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