BreakPoint: Why Young People Leave the Church

A new study could help pastors and parents better pass on their faith.

Our friends at BreakPoint share why young people leave the church. This is one stat that we, sadly, cannot leave behind as we move into this new decade: Millennials are killing churches.
John Stonestreet and Jay Morris reveal the latest statistics on who is leaving the church for good and why in this latest podcast.

So what lesson can we take from this new data?

First the bad news: We really are losing a generation of young churchgoers, and they’re probably not coming back—at least not if we stay the current course.

The good news: We now know with even greater clarity the difference parents make, and we can apply that with members of Generation Z. Parents who prioritize church as a central part of their family life, who teach their children to take Christianity seriously, and who encourage them to marry fellow believers, have the best chance of seeing not only their children but also their grandchildren in the pews beside them.

All of this is why I’m a fan of Summit Ministries, the premiere Christian worldview training program for young adults.

Summit’s two-week-long summer conferences are held in Colorado and Georgia. I’ve seen the results up close and have been a part of watching hundreds of young people learn to defend and embrace their faith in a way that will last.