ADF Wins Religious Liberty Case with Ratio Christi

ADF Wins Religious Liberty Case with Ratio Christi

This week’s episode of The Point by John Stonestreet highlights a religious liberty case in Colorado. Alliance Defending Freedom sued the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs on behalf of Ratio Christi, thus securing their religious liberty on campus.

In his book A Free People’s Suicide, Os Guinness talks about the golden triangle of freedom that the founders of America saw as crucial: freedom, which requires virtue; virtue, which requires faith; and faith, which requires freedom. We can see how the last leg, the freedom that is required for faith, was brought into question in this case. Without this freedom, the essential foundational beams of our political system begin to crumble.

Many who suppress this freedom have no concept of the way our government was intended to work, and as such, they fail to understand what is necessary to maintain the society we live in today.

Thankfully, groups like ADF are working towards sustaining that freedom wherever they can.

Stonestreet says:

“This tells me two things: first, we need to support groups like ADF, which time and time again are winning legal fights for religious liberty. Second, the loss of religious liberty is only inevitable if we choose not to stand up for it.”