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Why is biblical worldview training important? Through our student surveys at the end of each session, we are seeing that 80-90% of students committed to changing habits. How have you seen Summit’s Student Conference create an atmosphere that deepens faith and a student’s understanding of biblical truth? Send your stories in today and consider taking the next step by joining our team in the off-season to spread the news of Student Conferences for 2020!

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I had always wanted to learn the secrets that helped every great apologist stay calm against a comment that was hard to defend. And here it was, in a two-week conference nestled in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. I learned how to exercise the composure of apologists in a way that even Jesus used. Questions that pointed people to the truth in love as called for in the Bible. Sarah Sawyers, TX

The greatest part of Summit is not only the wealth of knowledge and information poured over us but the training we received on how to study. I now know how to share this knowledge by combining truth and love. Sergei Kelly, MI

Day after day, more speakers shared personal and visceral experiences with the truth. Bit by bit, my barrier dissolved and cracked. My emotions do not often override my thought and mental bearings, but my mental firmness occasionally slides away. The sessions washed a new perspective over me; small groups enriched my experience. I was a captive to my desires, slave to my work, and a prisoner of the cold world I feared. Caroline Abels, Neb.

Summit taught me that I can be my true self only in Jesus Christ. In Him was where my identity laid; outside of Him, nothing held true joy and sense of belonging. I know that my life will not always be easy. But such is the way in which Christians are meant to walk, living the harder way, aspiring for something beyond immediate gratification. Sometimes, I would have to accept that obedience comes before understanding. I will fail again and again, but I know that my God never fails. He loves me, this I know, and with that is all I need.  Jessica Choe, Mass.

I’m truly impressed with Dr. Jeff’s ability to use his life stories to show God off and create a captivating class that causes the students to truly want to pay attention, gain from him, and learn from him. This is something I wish I would have had in high school, and after I heard about it this last summer I implemented it in my own mentoring and taught it to my fellow mentors. (Jeff Myers: Storyteller and Mentor, 2018)

At Gap Year, we have the opportunity to travel to that foreign land and breath the new air of a different culture. That night during the play, I began to breathe the new air of literature appreciation. This new air beckons the question: how then, should we approach reading? (The Lost Art of Reading Well, 2018)

The time was amazing, we spent meals reading and praying which gave all of us the ability to talk with God regarding things going on at Summit Gap Year, plans when we go home, or just spiritual growth in general. (A Vow of Silence, 2018)

“Summit helps the church train in a deeper and more detailed way and these students are at a time in their life when it is able to stick with them better. Summit brings quality speakers to one place. All you have to do is bring your group there to listen.” Will Hobbs, College and Young Professionals Ministry, Kelview Heights, Texas

“Our students who attended the Lancaster [Student Conference] were deeply impacted by speakers and leaders who resonated with them. Several were moved to become counselors next year.” Lee Wiggins, Lead Pastor, CF Downington, Pennsylvania