Summer Conference Faculty

Summit’s Teaching Faculty

Below is a sample of the faculty who speak regularly at Summit’s Student Conferences every summer. There are generally between 18 and 22 different speakers at each event. Every conference has its own unique speaker lineup.

Dr. Jeff Myers SC Page

Dr. Jeff Myers

President of Summit Ministries
Instagram: @drjeffmyers

Greg Koukl SC

Greg Koukl

President of Stand to Reason

J. Warner Wallace SC Page

J. Warner Wallace

Author and Cold Case Detective
Instagram: @jwarnerwallace

Frank Turek SC

Dr. Frank Turek

President of Cross-Examined
Instagram: @drfrankturek

Jason Jimenez SC

Jason Jimenez

Founder of Stand Strong Ministries
Instagram: @jasonpjimenez

John Stonestreet, Colson Center

John Stonestreet

President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Alisa Childers

Alisa Childers

American singer and songwriter

Dr. Kathy Koch SC

Dr. Kathy Koch

Founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc.
Instagram: @celebratekidsinc

Alan Shlemon SC

Alan Shlemon

Speaker for Stand to Reason
Instagram: @alanshlemon

Jon Noyes SC

Jon Noyes

Speaker for Stand to Reason

Christopher Yuan SC

Dr. Christopher Yuan

Speaker and Author on Biblical Sexuality and the Gospel
Instagram: @christopheryuan

Brett Kunkle SC Page

Brett Kunkle

Founder and President of MAVEN
Instagram: @___brettkunkl__e

Sean McDowell SC

Dr. Sean McDowell

Speaker and Author
Instagram: @seanmcdowell

Tim Barnett SC

Tim Barnett

Speaker for Stand to Reason
Instagram: @timothybarnett

Scott Klusendorf

Scott Klusendorf

President, Life Training Institute
Instagram: @scottklusendorflti

Tripp Almon

Tripp Almon

Director of Summit Gap Year
Instagram: @trippalmon

Paul Copan SC

Dr. Paul Gould

Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Paul Nelson SC

Paul Nelson

Senior Fellow of the Discovery Institute

Paul Copan SC

Dr. Paul Copan

Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University

Trent Langhofer SC

Dr. Trent Langhofer

Clinical Director and Adjunct Faculty at Colorado Christian University
Instagram: @trentlanghofer

David Galvan

David Galvan

Trainer in Adverse Childhood Experiences, Director of Education for a Lifetime

Derek McCoy

Derek McCoy

Urban Leadership Alliance

Dustin Jizmejian SC

Dustin Jizmejian

Sr. Director of Conferences and Events at Summit Ministries

Frank Beckwith SC

Dr. Francis Beckwith

Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies at Baylor University

Ken Turner SC

Dr. Ken Turner

Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at Toccoa Falls College

Mark Mittleberg SC

Mark Mittleberg

Executive Direct of the Lee Strobel Center for Apologetics at Colorado Christian University

Mary Jo Sharp SC

Mary Jo Sharp

Assistant Professor of Apologetics at Houston Christian University
Instagram: @maryjosharp

Matt Hammitt, songwriter, speaker and author

Matt Hammitt

Songwriter, speaker and author
Instagram: @matthammitt

Matt Jones SC

Dr. Matt Jones

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at Colorado Christian University

Megan Almon SC

Megan Almon

Speaker at Life Training Institute
Instagram: @meganalmon

Mike Sherrard SC

Michael C. Sherrard

President of the C.S. Lewis Society
Instagram: @michaelcsherrard