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We understand that making a decision to send students to Summit is not a small one.

We have compiled a series of five emails to answer frequently asked questions about our student conferences. Fill out this form to receive these emails designed with you in mind. Learn about Summit Student Conferences at a pace that works for you.

Be confident that Summit Student Conferences are a good fit for your student. Interact, ask questions, and never hesitate to respond to an email with questions or feedback about the information. These emails will answer your questions and be a resource for you and your family.

  • Why do students attend Summit Student Conferences?
  • What is different about the Summit experience compared to other ministry experiences?
  • How can I afford Summit?
  • What is the difference between the in-person and virtual conference?
  • Is there a Summit conference near us?
  • Why is worldview education so important?
  • How will Summit help my students?
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