Summit has taught me about who I am, how I’m wired, and that I’m created for a purpose, and to bring God glory.
–Emily S. | GA Student

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Session Highlight Film

Spend Two Full Weeks in Georgia with Summit.

Our Georgia Summit has thoughtful lectures, open forum Q&A with our faculty, and small group discussions. Perched on top of Lookout Mountain, students experience the splendor of the panoramic mountain views of Chattanooga, TN, the Tennessee River, and the historic Civil War-era battlegrounds.

Watch the Graduation Replay

Here is a short snippet of Jeffrey Dunston’s Graduation speech:

I would say the theme for our time together during these last two weeks is: “RISE ABOVE”

Lookout Mountain is a location where we can RISE ABOVE and look at the large geographical area where we can see several states from one place.
But, rise above it’s not just about a location; it’s a state of mind:
It means we RISE ABOVE the culture in which we live and give glory to God, and from THAT perspective, we can change the world!
We are super thankful for all of the amazing teachers who poured wisdom and information into the class time that we’ve all spent together over these last 12 days. We have gained so much from that!
The Bible tells us to: act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

From doxology that we’ve grown so accustomed to singing before meals and every night before bed– Calls us to: praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I think we’re also called to: Live joyfully!

This fight is worth fighting.

From the words of Dr. Jeff: the battle is for the mind.

I always like to think of that great old him that our Amish brothers sing so well,
which says: “this world is not our home or just a passing through“

A good friend of mine and a friend of Summit ministries Barry MacGuire was kind enough to share one of his secrets to success walking with God. He says: “Follow the nudge to live in the FOG”

And, in closing, for these 12 days together and our graduation, I would like to say: All the glory be to God, The credit given to the staff, speakers, and all who made this possible, and the privilege; that has been all mine… and yours too, as Summit Graduates

Summit Student Conferences

Student Conferences provide a two-week experience for students aged 16-25. The conference will explore relevant cultural topics and help students think deeper about their personal faith and convictions. Students will grow spiritually as they engage with like-minded peers on faith, purpose, and identity with world-class faculty.

What To Expect Each Day

Every morning starts with morning traditions: morning devotional, prayer, and Amazing Grace.

Every afternoon students enjoy a few hours of free time. After dinner, each evening session begins with live worship and ends with a classroom session or small groups.

Activities will include on and off-campus options for students. Keep scrolling for a full list of activities. Students will choose and pay for each activity when they arrive for their session. If there is an additional cost for activities, this will be listed closer to the session dates.

World-Class Speakers. Teaching truth and interacting with students to build relationships.

Jeff Myers
Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. In the last 20 years, Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development.
Watch Video
Christopher Yuan
Speaking at Session 1 & 2 | Dr. Christopher Yuan has taught the Bible at Moody Bible Institute for over ten years and his speaking ministry on faith and sexuality has reached five continents.
Watch Video
Sean McDowell
Dr. Sean McDowell is a gifted communicator with a passion for equipping the church, and in particular young people, to make the case for the Christian faith.
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Tripp Almon
Director of Programs and Summit Semester for Summit Ministries
Brett Kunkle
BRETT KUNKLE is the founder and president of MAVEN, a movement to equip the next generation to know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty.
Watch Video
Andrew Peterson
Recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, publisher, and award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga,
Megan Almon
She joined Life Training Institute in 2009 and was awarded an M.A. in Christian apologetics from Biola University in 2011.
Watch Video
Kathy Koch
Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”) is the Founder and President of Celebrate Kids, Inc., based in Fort Worth, TX, and the co-founder of Ignite the Family, based in Alpharetta, GA.
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Dustin Jizmejian
Vice President of Summit Programs, regularly speaks on topics ranging from God’s Will, The Christian Worldview, Christian Community, and Pornography.


Summit isn’t only about classes. We plan plenty of fun adventures! Every afternoon you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others by playing sports, games, going off-campus, or maybe taking a nap! There’s something for every interest at Lookout Mountain. Students may sign up for these additional off-site activities once they arrive at our conference. Some of these activities require permission waivers to be signed by a parent. 

Summit is a “cashless program.” Please bring a credit, debit, or VISA gift card to pay for activities, books, apparel, and other incidentals. $50-$100 is recommended for bookstore purchases. $100-$150 is recommended for optional off-site activities.


Raft the Ocoee River

The Ocoee River in Tennessee is the home of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competition with over twenty continuous rapids and many play spots for miles of endless fun and adventure. Located in the Cherokee National Forest, the Ocoee River flows through a beautiful gorge surrounded by scenic wildlife, yet it is within several hours of many major cities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

This is a limited capacity activity

Visit the Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee Aquarium is one of the highest-rated aquariums in the USA and one of America’s top ten tourist attractions for overall guest satisfaction! Enjoy a remarkable journey with 10,000 animals. 

This is a limited capacity activity

Hi-Point Zip Adventure

Hi-Point Zip Adventure

Get your adrenaline pumping at Ruby Falls’ High Point ZIP Adventure on Lookout Mountain! Take in breathtaking views as you soar through the treetops on 700 feet of rushing ziplines and conquer the 40-foot climbing tower with multiple routes of varying difficulty.

This is a limited capacity activity

Take a Trip to Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake Land Trust is more than just a waterfall. Since 1994, LLLT has grown with leaps and bounds. The Core Preserve is no longer one of Chattanooga’s best-kept secrets. The desire to recreate, to play outside, to break free of digital devices has been a driving force for visitors. 

This is a limited capacity activity

Low-Impact Recreation ​at Lula Lake
Enjoy an afternoon in historic Coolidge Park

Enjoy an afternoon in historic Coolidge Park

Coolidge Park, located on the city’s North Shore, is one place where you can overlook the beautiful Tennessee River, play in an interactive water fountain, stroll across on one of the world’s largest pedestrian bridges-the Walnut Street Bridge, test your skills at rock climbing, picnic with your family in plenty of open green spaces, and admire a military memorial.

Climb Higher in Chattanooga

This location features 45ft rope walls in the pit, 100+ boulder problems of all grades, and of course the iconic blue outdoor walls that soar high above Broad Street!

This is a limited capacity activity

Climb Higher in Chattanooga

Covenant College

Covenant College will offer a scholarship of  $10,000 to any new student who attends the Summit Student Conference and then enrolls as a student at Covenant. The scholarship will award $2,500 per year for up to four years, as long as academic standards are met in line with this scholarship. Explore Covenant College programs here.

College Credit Information: Due to accreditation requirements in Georgia, students will be unable to earn college credit during the 2021 Student Conference in this state. To change your session or to speak to a staff member, email


Travel Plans

Students may travel to Lookout Mountain, Georgia by car or plane. The closest airport is the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. However, Covenant College is located within driving distance of several other airports. Below is a list of those airports, and the approximate driving time between each city and Covenant College. Summit provides shuttle transportation to and from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport.

Flight Information

Airport Shuttle to Covenant College If you choose to fly into Atlanta, Birmingham, or Nashville, the best option is to use Groome Transportation ground shuttle from one of the following airports to Chattanooga.

Airports Serving Lookout Mountain, Georgia

  • Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
    • ~30 minutes from Covenant College
    • Eastern Time Zone
  • Nashville International Airport
    • 2 hours 16 minutes from Covenant College
    • Central Time Zone
  • Birmingham International Airport
    • 2 hours 26 minutes from Covenant College
    • Central Time Zone
  • Hartsfield­-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    • 2 hours 22 minutes from Covenant College
    • Eastern Time Zone

Arrival Times

Please make airline reservations to arrive at Covenant College on the first Sunday of your session between Noon and 5:00 PM. If your flight is delayed or if you arrive after 5:00 PM, please call the front desk at 719-685-2876.

Departure Times

Please make arrangements to depart on the morning of the second Saturday of your session. Summit shuttle vans run to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport from 4:00 AM-10:00 AM on that morning.

Driving Information

If you drive your own car, please plan to keep your vehicle on campus throughout the conference. If you have trouble finding Summit staff when you arrive, please call Summit Ministries at 719-685-2876.

Phone Number

If you need to contact staff on-site call 719-685-2876 to directly connect with our team. 

Covenant College in Georgia: Covenant will offer a scholarship of $10,000 to any new student that attends the Summit in-person Student Conference and then enrolls as a student at Covenant. The scholarship will award $2,500 per year for up to four years, as long as academic standards are met in line with this scholarship. Students who attend Summit’s 5-day virtual Student Conference will be eligible to receive an $800 per year scholarship renewable for up to four years. Visit Website

Session Information

The Program Director of Summit reserves the right to dismiss any student whose influence and/or conduct becomes in any way detrimental to the best interest of the other students.

No refund will be made for absences, dismissals, or withdrawals before the end of your session, except in cases on doctor’s orders, in which the remaining tuition may be refunded.

If you need to contact staff on-site call 719-685-2876 to directly connect with our team. 

What to Wear

The way we dress is a reflection of our personality, culture, and background. At Summit, we encourage individual expression and creativity. However, we also have found that the following guidelines help set an atmosphere of respect for all of our faculty, staff, and fellow students.

Shirts and tops

  • Please do not wear halter tops or tops that show midriff or cleavage
  • Please make sure all undergarments are covered
  • Please only wear clothes without offensive words and images

Shorts & pants

  • Shorts are welcome as long as they have at least a 4-inch inseam
  • Dresses or skirts must fall no shorter than 4-inches above the knee

Helpful suggestions

  • Classroom: bring casual or dress casual clothes acceptable for an educational setting
  • Recreation time: make sure to bring shorts, t-shirts, and a swimsuit for outdoor activities
  • Swimwear: Men please wear swim shorts, and women please wear a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit that covers your midsection and cleavage
  • Graduation: wear semi-formal clothes (i.e. khakis, ties, blazers, dresses)

What to Pack

  • Bring all bedding and linens
  • Bible and devotional materials
  • Classroom and graduation attire
  • Sports clothes and swimsuit
  • Closed-toed shoes for some of our activities
  • Personal ID & copy of your insurance card
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Toiletries
  • Performance night props and instruments (optional)
  • Laundry detergent
  • Something plaid to wear (optional)
  • Towels, washcloths, bedding (twin bed XL), and pillow
  • ENO type Hammock (optional)
  • Rain Jacket
  • Bug spray

Summit is a “cashless program.” Please bring a credit, debit, or VISA gift card to pay for activities, books, apparel, and other incidentals. $50-$100 is recommended for bookstore purchases. $100-150 is recommended for optional off-site activities.

What to Leave at Home

    • Weapons of any kind
    • Tobacco
    • Alcohol
    • Vaping and marijuana products
    • Valuables — rooms can be locked, but you are responsible for your belongings
    • Laptop — A notebook will be provided so we ask that you leave your personal computers at home

Communication & Technology

Cellphones are permitted, though no texting or talking is allowed during classroom time. We also have an 11 pm curfew, so no use of phones is permitted after curfew.

To receive letters or boxes while at Summit, use the following address:

[Student Name]
C/O Summit Ministries
at Covenant College
14049 Scenic Highway
Lookout Mountain, GA 30750

Food Allergies

The Covenant College dining services staff can accommodate most food allergies including gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts. Please contact us if you have special dietary needs.


Laundry facilities are available on campus. Washers and dryers are coin operated ($1.25/load), so please bring quarters for the machines. Also, bring your own laundry detergent.

Graduation Day: View Ceremony Here

Conferences conclude on Friday night of the second week. Our graduation schedule is as follows:

4:45PM–Parents’ Meeting

Parents and families of students are invited to join a brief review of what their student has experienced over the last two weeks.


Parents and guests are welcome to join us for dinner. If you would like to attend, please have your student sign you up by Thursday of the second week. We will give Covenant’s kitchen staff a headcount for dinner. You may pay Summit for your meal when you arrive on Friday afternoon. 


For those who are unable to attend, the Parents Meeting and Graduation are live-streamed. Students may depart after graduation, although most students leave on Saturday morning.