Travel Plans

Students may travel to Lookout Mountain, Georgia by car or plane. The closest airport is the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. However, Covenant College is located within driving distance of several other airports. Below is a list of those airports, and the approximate driving time between each city and Covenant College.

Flight Information

Airport Shuttle Options If you choose to fly into Atlanta, Birmingham, or Nashville, the best option is to use Groome Transportation ground shuttle from the airport to the college — or call (800) 896-­9928.  Summit provides shuttle transportation to and from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. ($20 each way) Airports Serving Lookout Mountain, Georgia
  • Nashville International Airport
    • 2 hours 16 minutes from Covenant College
    • Central Time Zoom
  • Birmingham International Airport
    • 2 hours 26 minutes from Covenant College
    • Central Time Zoom
  • Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
    • ~30 minutes from Covenant College
    • Eastern Time Zone
  • Hartsfield­-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    • 2 hours 22 minutes from Covenant College
    • Eastern Time Zone
Arrival Times Please make airline reservations to arrive at Covenant College on the first Sunday of your session between Noon and 5:00 PM. Departure Times Please make arrangements to depart on the morning of the second Saturday of your session. Summit shuttle vans run to Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport from 4:00 AM-10:00 AM on that morning.

Driving If you drive your own car, please plan to keep your vehicle on campus throughout the conference. If you have trouble finding Summit staff when you arrive, please call Summit Ministries at 719.685.2866. Note: In order to protect the privacy of attendees, we cannot provide names or contact information of individuals seeking to carpool. We suggest you visit our Summit Facebook page to connect directly with students driving from your area.