Financial Assistance

Summit Ministries helps you afford Student Conference costs.

Once you have reserved your seat, you are eligible to apply for financial assistance. Financial assistance is available based on each student’s financial need. Limited funds are available.


Mindful, generous donors contribute financial assistance funds making them available to qualified Summit Ministries Student Conference registrants through an application process. Financial assistance applicants are considered according to the ability of themselves and their family to financially to invest in the experience, as well as any other extenuating circumstances which have caused their family financial hardship.


The amount of Financial Assistance awarded is based on the demonstrated financial need as determined by an assessment of confidential financial information the family submits through the Summit Financial Assistance Application Process. If a family is awarded Financial Assistance, the funds are applied only towards tuition. All financial information, application information, and documents are kept in confidence and will not be shared outside of Summit. Summit expects that each recipient will also keep the amount of their award private and confidential. Awards are not given for academic, athletic, or artistic merit, nor are student loans or full tuition awards available. The Summit Financial Assistance Committee reviews requests 1-3 times a week depending on the number of applicants and sends an email to the student and their parents as soon as a decision has been made. Email us or call us at 719-685-9103. Applications are considered in the order they are received, with the goal of providing answers to all applicants within 3-5 business days. Please note: If your registration is paid in full, no tuition assistance will be available. Additionally, a financial aid award does not secure a spot for students. That can only be done by paying the $195 deposit.

Next Step

Create an account and and complete the application up to the “Payment” tab. There is an easy-to-locate tuition assistance section within this tab where you can fill out a financial assistance application.