Will You Stand With Me?

So many Christians are desperate for answers to life’s biggest questions. They’re facing withering assaults on their faith unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. Far too many grow weary and faint just at the time when society most needs leaders advancing a biblical worldview.

Operation Cross the Line is our chance to give a lasting gift to the rising generation by immediately making plans to train 3,000 students a year — a 60% increase — to step across the line to be courageous, truth-loving leaders. We must not wait. We need thousands of young leaders to stand strong based on their biblical worldview.

To accomplish Operation Cross the Line, we’ll grow our email and social media following, overhaul our recruiting system to focus on churches, schools, and homeschool co-ops, raise awareness nationally through the media, and leverage alumni fervor.

Will you help us train 3,000 students a year? Give today.

It’s important for you to know that this summer hundreds of students committed to break down the barriers that stop them from living fully for Christ. Many of these students made first-time decisions for Christ.

This pumps me up! I hope it does you, too.

To accomplish this important CROSS THE LINE campaign we must have people standing with us financially. Each year Summit gives more than $100,000 in financial assistance to students.

Our goal of $420,000 by the end of the year will make it possible to build capacity to handle the increase in the coming years.

All of this investment comes from donations.

Cross the line goal

Every gift helps us respond to this growing anti-Christian sentiment in our culture.

Every dollar helps raise up a generation who will stand for Truth.

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I am eager to hear your response in the coming days. There’s no time to waste in challenging young leaders to CROSS THE LINE!

In Christ,

Jeff Myers

P.S. – The rising tide of secularism, sexualization, and socialism has one answer: a Christian worldview. That’s why Summit’s Operation Cross the Line campaign must succeed. We must run to the finish. When 3,000 students go back to the battlefield to lead in their cultures every year, we begin to turn the tide together. Donate today.