The Tide Can Be Turned

Dr. Jeff MyersI’ve been struck recently by national conversations and how the failure to understand worldviews has horrible consequences. Those of us who invest our lives in young people are heartbroken over the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre and the fear and insecurity with which so many young people live every day. But what if guns are not the problem, as so many suggest? What if blaming guns actually moves us further from a true solution?

Many Americans suspect our problem is a moral one. Those who say so aloud, though, are swiftly and self-righteously condemned: “How dare you imply that the problem is within?” Undaunted, Walter Williams is one who spoke up anyway: “Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not laws and government regulations, are what make for a civilized society.”

Until America sees its problems as symptoms of a worldview battle, things will continue going from bad to worse — especially for the rising generation — which encourages us at Summit to work harder than we ever have before.

Summit exists to help students get to the heart of the issues so they can live godly lives and become courageous leaders speaking the truth to a world wallowing in self-deception.

The year 2013 is decisive in whether we will turn the tide. We have a chance. Young adults are increasingly disenchanted with liberal secularism.

Winning takes a sacrifice of time, energy, and resources. But the payoff is huge. When students come to a 12-day Summit course, their eyes are opened. They understand. They grow in confidence and maturity. They learn to discern the false ideas that would take them captive.

Here’s a quick before-and-after analysis about Summit:

Before Summit

Today’s young adults are:

  • Unprepared for opposition. Only 1 in 6 understands the counterfeit worldviews arrayed against them.
  • Unable to mount a defense. Only 1 in 5 feels prepared to defend it as such.
  • Failing at spiritual disciplines. Only 1 in 3 claims to have a strong devotional or prayer life.
  • Alienated from God. Only 1 in 2 students feels close to God.

After Summit

Summit grads reported statistically significant growth in:

  • Level of Christian commitment
  • Feeling of closeness to God
  • Devotional life
  • Prayer life
  • Church attendance
  • Sharing of faith
  • Understanding of a Christian worldview
  • Understanding of other worldviews
  • Confidence in the truth of a Christian worldview
  • Ability to explain their beliefs
  • Ability to defend beliefs under challenge
  • Preparation for higher education

There has not been a better time to prepare young leaders. Your support and prayers mean so much — together we are turning the tide!