Summit Releases Report Showing Remarkable Impact of Its Worldview Courses

Summit Ministries is pleased to release a groundbreaking report on the overall effect of its trademark 12-day worldview training courses, showing how Summit graduates increase dramatically in their ability and desire to defend and live out the biblical worldview.

Turning the Tide: Evidence of Impact is the white paper detailing the results of a 126-question survey of Summit graduates completed last year. The full report is available as a free download at

Some of the most exciting results of the study are:

  • Summit graduates see a 429% growth in spiritual disciplines and positive habits of cultural engagement
  • 83% of Summit graduates affirmed all six statements that make up George Barna’s tool for measuring biblical worldview. Only 19% of self-professed, born-again Christians in the U.S. affirmed all six
  • 89.3% of Summit graduates reported that they are “strong” or “very strong” in their Christian commitment after attending Summit
  • 78.1% of Summit graduates said they were “strong” or “very strong” in their ability to defend the Christian worldview, a 272% increase over those who reported so before attending Summit

Turning the Tide: Evidence of Impact expounds on these findings and includes dozens more. “It is astounding to see the long-term impact a 12-day program can have on students,” Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers said. “It gives hope to the church that we don’t have to stand idly by and watch the rising generations walk away from the Christian faith.”

To download your free copy of Turning the Tide: Evidence of Impact and see how Summit Ministries reinforces the biblical worldview among students, go to