Summit: A Transformational Rite of Passage

Dr. Jeff MyersSummit’s programs are rapidly filling up for this summer and I don’t want you to miss out. Summit’s 12-Day experience: A significant rite of passage that equips young adults ages 16-21 to resolutely champion the Christian worldview and become courageous leaders for our perilous times.

Summit has a long track record of preparing young adults to articulately and compassionately stand strong against hostile worldviews. Chuck Colson calls Summit the “gold standard” for training students in Christian worldview.

An extensive study of 1,500 Summit grads found that their biblical worldview training really sticks, and that they are living productive, healthy spiritual lives. Summit transformed their feelings of closeness to God, their prayer and devotional life, their confidence in what they believe, their sharing of their faith, their understanding of other worldviews, and their preparation for college. Summit grads watch less TV, read more, and let their biblical worldview inform their financial decisions, relationships, and even their voting behavior.

If you’d like this kind of experience for a young adult you know and love, find out more and download an application at /thesummit. The cost is $995 including room, board, and tuition. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, please act decisively. By the end of this week half of our summer sessions will be filled.