Now Introducing…Understanding the Faith

Jeff Myers Understanding the FaithThere is a way to develop relationships in love without sacrificing truth. You can learn how to answer tough questions with confidence and compassion. Hold conversations with friends — no matter what they believe — and understand their perspective and winsomely and confidently respond.

Understanding the Faith lays the groundwork for the apologetics book that has been educating Christians for decades, Understanding the Times. Learn about the nature of God and biblical revelations in depth, and be prepared to begin examining other worldviews in light of God’s truth. Purchase Understanding the Faith in the Summit Bookstore.

Dr. Jeff Myers explores the answers to deep questions about Christianity, including whether God created the universe, the existence of heaven and hell, the resurrection, and more.

Learning to defend the Christian worldview is critical for those who want to share their faith with an unbelieving world. Theology and apologetics aren’t just academic exercises for pastors and church leaders; they are worthy endeavors for every believer.

This second book in the Understanding the Times series is available in hardback.

Purchase now in the Summit Bookstore.

If you have ever had trouble explaining why you believe what you believe, or you just want to understand the Christian worldview better, Understanding the Faith is the resource for you.